Sharing merits, is it really useful for the departed one?

I want to ask…sharing merits, is it really useful for the departed one?
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Generally your good actions and their results are your own and it’s not really possible to transfer them to other beings.

But in AN 10.177 the Buddha says that dead relatives can partake in offerings of food if they are reborn as hungry ghosts. Perhaps that is also applicable to other kinds of offerings such as thoughts of loving kindness etc.


Raivo said it. Since you can’t know for certain what realm someone ended up in (unless you are a Buddha), its best to make offerings to the departed. Probably best to do more of it for someone who engages in unskillful conduct.


I know that it helps me …, and the rest is a more or less qualified hope for something more

that’s not perfect, but about in the middle of the road somewhere …

I rest my in my case! :wink:


To think one’s efforts do not have effect, or that there are selves, is to feed delusion.

In other words, it is really useful, yes, have confidence in that, and do actually meritorious activities not just rites and rituals; become through word and thought and action; keep the training precepts, gradually becoming, as life exists…

With Metta, may all beings be happy, may all beings be well, may all beings be free.

It is just one single movement in right direction, but no one is moving back, forward or standing still now

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I find the idea of sharing merits very problematic. It’s such a blatant breach of the ownership of kamma, and connects just very well with the sraddha ritual of brahmanism. It’s ‘religious’ in the sense of pure belief and doesn’t ‘invite us to see’. It has to be taken on pure faith and makes laity dependent on rituals.

We should at least collect also the passages that are incompatible, namely the simile in SN 42.6 with the oil in the water. Or that one is heir of one’s kamma, “beings are owners of their actions, heirs of their action”, AN 5.57, AN 5.161, AN 10.48, AN 10.216, MN 57, MN 135


It’s all about giving it all, all the time!


ah you think individuals actually exist. interesting.