SN 12.1 - Paṭiccasamuppāda by Bhante Brahmali


SN 12.1 - Paṭiccasamuppāda by Bhante Brahmali

May all beings be free.

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Good evening,
I was quite surprised and happy to receive this. Thank you so much. I am working on this topic (translation from vietnamese into French. Unfortunately, I cannot understand clearly, in fact IIcan get little of his teaching, I would have to listen again and again, what a pity! : I am an old nun of 82 and it is too fast for me ! Do you by any chance have a written text (English or French? It would be so helpful.
I am quite busy for the moment, but when i am finished, I will get in touch with you to understand your functioning and maybe I can contribute ? your activity seems very interesting indeed.
Best regards, with metta,
Bikkhuni Lac Nhu

Dear Ayya,

I don’t know if it will help, but there is a option on YouTube to slow down the speed of a video which you can access through the settings (see the picture attached). I gave it a try at 1/2 speed, and it does sound a bit funny (maybe not so understandable in a few places), but it is definitely slower.

Also, YouTube does offer a transcript (see “More” highlighted in the picture) for some videos (oddly, I’ve noticed one isn’t available for the first in this video set, but is available for the rest), however, I understand transcript generation is automated and in many instances is utter gibberish.

In addition, may I also offer my thanks to Ajahn Brahmali (and Russell), I followed this series and found it very helpful.

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i understand that’s quite a chunk of work and it has to be done by someone, but subtitles to Dhamma talks would be a wonderful thing for both deaf people and foreigners who have difficulty understanding spoken language

speaking of speed settings in the YT video i just recently watched a video of a dialogue between two aged gentlemen , which was painfully sluggish, what a relief did i feel once i’d sped up the playback, it was like a breeze… but it also gave me a moment to reflect on inevitability of decline & decay

If I could pay my rent by it, I’d take that job quicker than a flash! ; -)


Dear Ayya @Lacnhu,

I understand. There are only a few people who willingly volunteer to close caption these talks and thank goodness for them.

It is a blessing to see another Bhikkhuni in the forums! May you be well.

with respect, reverence, and gratitude,



Is there a system in place coordinating such activity?

without being sure what kind of system you mean, i’ll just tuck it here:

a communal subtitling platform Amara

Dear Sư Cô,
If you can wait till summer, we might be able to do the transcription :relaxed:.
For now, you may find this “Transcendental Dependent Arising” by Ajahn Brahmali helpful.
With respect & metta,


Oh…I forgot this :grinning:Understanding the Essence of Dependent Origination

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Dear @aminah,

My memory recalls BSWA is always needing assistance close captioning the recorded live streams. You may want to start there.

Hope this helps!

May you be free!

in mettā,


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Well, in fact, I was thinking more along the lines of what Russell mentioned (much thanks @Russell), particularly with issues of prioritising work in accordance with community need and avoiding the slimmish possibility of work duplication in mind.

Nevertheless, as you mentioned Amara, I figured I’d test out exactly how much of “quite a chunk of work”, as you put it, would be involved and transcribed the first video of this series. A subtitled version can now be watched here.

In case the Dhammanet folks are interested in editing/adding the subtitles directly to the YouTube video, the .srt file (and other formats) can be downloaded from the Amara page, here (I would have actually posted it here, but SC doesn’t seem to accept .srt files).

As it was actually a request for a transcript that triggered this whole exploration (rather than subtitles - no matter how you cut it, Venerable Brahmali does speak a bit on the quickish side, and as a slow reader myself, I know that subtitles also have their ‘access threasholds’), I thought I might as well convert the resulting text file into a pdf: Paṭiccasamuppāda, Aj. Brahmali, P1 transcript.pdf (121.5 KB)

@Vann (I’ve no idea who’s involved in what, but based on your comment it’s seems reasonable to address this last bit to you): if it will be at all useful, I’m happy to continue going with this, and perhaps it might be possible to produce a complete set of transcripts for this series by summer, rather than during summer… ?


wow, i’m humbled, that’s dedication

just a note, on my end the transcript PDF file refused to open due to diacritics in its name, simplification of the spelling fixes this problem, it could be just my system though

Paticcasamuppada - Dependent Origination - Ajahn Brahmali - Part 1.en (SUBS).zip (113.6 KB)

Shucks! Thanks for letting me know. In any instance it’s only a very raw, speedily paragraphed dump of the .txt file, but here it is again renamed.

Paticcasamuppada - Aj. Brahmali - Jan 2016 - P1 transcript.pdf (121.3 KB)

Wow it was fast, i’m impressed!
I am really happy that you could do the transcriptions, it would take me forever to complete it :grin:.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!:anjal:

Splendid! I’ll try to be a bit quicker than ‘forever’, but probably won’t be much quicker than ‘by summer’ ;).


Dear @Aminah,

Anumodana and mudita! Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

in metta,


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If you have not already read this you will find this very informative.

With Metta,