SN 47.20 Dance like your life depends on it, because it does

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SN 47.20 janapada-kalyāṇī-suttaṃ

SN 47.20 janapada-kalyāṇī-suttaṃ
SN 47.20 (The) Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl]-discourse
evaṃ me sutaṃ —
Thus I heard -
ekaṃ samayaṃ bhagavā sumbhesu viharati
One time, the-Blessed-One, (with the) Sumbhas he dwelled,
sedakaṃ nāma sumbhānaṃ nigamo.
(at) Sedaka (the) name (of a) Sumbhan market-town.
tatra kho bhagavā
There indeed the-Blessed-One,
bhikkhū āmantesi — “bhikkhavo”ti.
(to the) monks (he) addressed - "Monks!"
“bhadante”ti te bhikkhū bhagavato paccassosuṃ.
"Yes, lord," those monks, (to) the-Blessed-One (they) responded.
bhagavā etad-avoca —
the-Blessed-One {said}-this,
“seyyathāpi, bhikkhave,
"Suppose, monks, [upon hearing about]
'(The) Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl]!
janapada-kalyāṇī’ti kho, bhikkhave,
(The) Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl]!'** ***, *********,
mahā-janakāyo san-nipateyya.
(a) great-crowd should-assemble.
‘sā kho panassa
Now that
Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl] [is]
parama-pāsāvinī nacce,
highly-accomplished (at) dancing,
parama-pāsāvinī gīte.
highly-accomplished (at) singing.
[upon hearing that] (The) Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl]
naccati gāyatī’ti kho, bhikkhave,
is dancing (and) singing, *******,
bhiyyoso-mattāya mahā-janakāyo san-nipateyya.
(an) even-more bigger-crowd would-assemble.
atha puriso āgaccheyya
Then a-man comes-along,
jīvitu-kāmo a-maritu-kāmo
life-(he)-desires, avoidance-(of)-death-(he)-desires,
sukha-kāmo dukkhap-paṭikūlo.
pleasure-(he)-desires, pain-(he)-abhors.
tamenaṃ evaṃ vadeyya —
They say to him,
‘ayaṃ te, ambho purisa,
'{you} there, hey man!
{you must carefully protect}, [while balancing on top of your head,]
sama-tittiko telapatto
(a) filled-to-the-brim, bowl-of-oil,
antarena ca mahā-samajjaṃ
in-between ** (a) great-crowd,
antarena ca janapada-kalyāṇiyā
in-between ** (The) Country's-[Most]-Beautiful-[Girl],
puriso ca te ukkhittāsiko
A-man ** whose sword-is-raised,
piṭṭhito piṭṭhito anu-bandhissati.
on-your-back, on-your-back, he-closely-follows.
yattheva naṃ thokampi chaḍḍessati
wherever even a-mere-drop [of oil] spills,
tattheva te siro pātessatī’ti.
right-there he {will cut off} your-head {*********}.
taṃ kiṃ maññatha, bhikkhave,
Now what do-you-think, monks:
api nu so puriso
Would ** that man,
amuṃ telapattaṃ a-manasi-karitvā
with-that bowl-of-oil, not-pay-attention,
bahiddhā pamādaṃ āhareyyā”ti?
[and towards the] outside, heedlessly get-distracted?
“no hetaṃ, bhante”.
No way, lord.
♦ “upamā kho myāyaṃ, bhikkhave,
This-parable *** of-mine, monks,
katā atthassa viññāpanāya.
{was} given to-convey-a-meaning.
ayaṃ cevettha attho —
The meaning is this:
samatittiko telapattoti kho, bhikkhave,
The-filled-to-the-brim bowl-of-oil ***, *********,
kāya-gatāya etaṃ satiyā
immersed-in-the-body is-my mindfulness
tasmātiha, bhikkhave,
Therefore, monks,
evaṃ sikkhitabbaṃ —
Thus you-should-train (yourselves):
‘kāyagatā sati no bhāvitā bhavissati
'immersed-in-the-body, mindfulness not-yet developed, we-shall-develop (it),
bahulī-katā yānī-katā
pursue-it, drive-it-repeatedly,
vatthu-katā anuṭ-ṭhitā
take it as a basis, give it a grounding,
paricitā su-samāraddhā’ti.
practice it, undertake-it-well.'
evañhi kho, bhikkhave,
That is how, **********,
you-should-train (yourselves)."
[end of] tenth (sutta in chapter)
♦ nālanda-vaggo dutiyo.
[end of] nālanda-chapter, (which is the) second (chapter).
(FLIPT BY CP, derived from Thanissaro)