Stripe donation page

I tried a few times to donate using the stripe component on sutra-central with a (non-Australian) credit card, but the page always returns an error.
Can someone please look into it?

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Hi Ben! I’m so sorry to hear about the problem you’re having with the donation page. Ven @sujato has been notified. Hopefully the issue will be fixed ASAP!! :smiley:

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your kindness! And sorry to hear of your problems.

Unfortunately that page is built using the now-outdated stripe system. As i happens we have just built a replacement and are in the final stages of testing. Since this is tied up with a major overhaul, it’ll be a few weeks before it’s live, I’m afraid.

So the options at the moment are:

  • donate directly using the bank details provided
  • wait a few weeks
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FYI stripe works for single donations, but not the periodic ones.

Hi Ben @flotsam thanks for the heads up, and welcome to the forum!

Bhante, can you confirm if it is officially working again? I was about to refer someone in the states who wanted to make a donation.

No, you’ll know when it’s ready!


If it’s taking some time, could an SC PayPal account be set up? It would link to the same bank account that SC already maintains and might be a good backup option?
With so much public exposure for SC currently, it’s likely that there might be a tick up in donations…

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Thanks for the offer, but we don’t want to set up PayPal. It seems most people are still able to use the old form, or otherwise just contact Deepika.

Payment methods are complex, especially when there are charitable laws and so forth.


Strangely enough, now the single donations do not work. I keep hitting the button and nothing happens. Settings configured to allow pop-ups.

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Thanks, we’ll look into it it.