Subtitles needed for Ajahn Ganha video


Dear Dhamma friends,

Jake Mitra from BSWA has produced a video about Ajahn Ganha’s monastery in Thailand. Luang Por is seen teaching the community in Thai. Would anybody be able and have the time to translate the words into English so that they could be added as subtitles? Here is the link:

If you are interested, it is on Jake Mitra’s youtube channel and you can message him in the comments.
With metta


I should add that there are only a few sentences to be heard in the middle and towards the end.


Just a quick related question regarding Ajahn Ganha, does any one have any links to translated talks or writings by him? I have not been able to find anything so far.


Here is Luang Por’s very recent reply to the question on climate change and its causes:

Translation is given in the video, but there is also an alternative translation in the video description.


I saw this a few days ago and I was so happy! LP Gunha shows once more why he is considered one of the widest of the forest monks. In his views, there is no contradiction between the “worldly” good of the environment and the life of the renunciate.

Just one tiny detail I noticed in the translation. It says that LP Gunha advocates as a response to the climate crisis that we should “plant trees”. By itself that might seem a little naive, as we clearly need to do more than that. However, if I understand it correctly, he actually refers to doing “various things such as planting trees”.