Suggest a feedback button to sutra text


It will be very helpful if there is a feedback button in the dropdown in the sutra text, so that if we have to give feedback, it can be easy instead of launching the forum, creating a separate topic, choosing category as feedback etc. and then giving feedback.

All of the feedback of typos goes into this single thread:

You are correct that having a bunch of separate posts doesn’t work well. From time to time Bhante Sujato goes through that thread and makes the corrections if he agrees with them. Then every few months he starts a new one. You can always find it as the pinned thread in the feedback forum.

I can’t speak for the devs, but I imagine that it’s helpful to have at least a little bit of friction to make a suggested correction. Otherwise people might spam it.

When you say,

what I hear is, “Please spend $100,000 and six months of your time to make it easy for bots to spam your website.”

Indeed it is.

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