Sujato/John Kelly Pali Courses: Resources

Hi, I just replied via the Sutta Central message system. Let me know if you see it.

If the proposed time works for both of you (I suggested two possibilities), I would also like to open it for anyone else that might find it helpful. I don’t think there’s more than a handful of people that would be on the zoom. So I’m certain we’ll get your issue worked out.


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Is it known whether or not this is Mac friendly? I was able to download it to my GD folder OK, but I can’t persuade the GD app to actually use it.

Hmm. Not sure why that would matter. I’m guessing you have told GD to rescan for new dictionaries? Also, you need to tell GD which installed dictionaries you want it to be checking in. You may know all of that already, but I seem to remember myself having those problems.

For example, in this screenshot, I only have the DPD activated:

And here all of them are active:

Do you see the combined in that tab area at all?

Thanks Bhante!
Yes I’ve done a bit of rescanning/quitting/opening.
But I’ve not found a place to tell GD which installed dictionaries I want it to be checking in. You seem to have an extra bar at the top compared to me:

When I click on the rescan button in sources, it blinks and nothing else happens.

So I had a look in preferences and found this screen, but am a bit scared to change anything. I have no idea what a scan popup is.

It’s a toolbar activated through the View menu. It’s called the Dictionary bar.

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I’ve found the Dictionary bar, over to the right of the main bar, but with proof that my installation failed:

Open Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 1.43.16 pm


Hi Beth,
Thank you for your kind offer. I would very much appreciate attending a zoom session with you on how to install the DPD and Goldendict. I have a Macbook Air (2017) running MacOS High Sierra v.10.13. I live in Brisbane (Australia), currently same as Bhante in Sydney and 14 hours ahead of your US East Coast DST - so 7pm for you is 9am for me the next day (perfect).
P.S. I don’t know about the Sutta Central message system. Is that different from what we are using here on

Wow, thanks for this @sujato. I have been looking for a copy of Kaccayana - I wonder what’s in Volume 1???

I’m not exactly sure. Maybe Volume I is the Pali text? But this seems to have the whole text in translation.


That’s a huge file. I think this is a smaller version of the same thing?

(Sorry, on mobile right now and can’t check…)


It’s an older edition, edited by U Nandisena. Your link is good and from the same editor/publisher as V Sujato posted. Have removed my link. Thanks.

EDIT: For better readability there are these quality free pdfs, direct from the publisher here Kaccāyana Pāli Grammar Volumes 1 - 2


Wow, it’s very kind of Pariyatti to make pdfs of this edition freely available.
There are some errors in the Pali, I believe, (and pointed out in Aleix Ruiz Falquez’s review).

So the PTS Pind edition is very valuable.


I don’t think Memrise has been mentioned as a resource. It doesn’t have a course in Pali, but someone has uploaded the vocabulary for Warder chapters 1-12, and this may appeal to some of us.

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URL typo-correction for sutta chantings. (Thanks Gillian!):

The page is not completely intuitive but good enough for getting into AN, KN, DN, MN, and SN

Let me know if you can’t find the indexing of suttas.


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Thank you all here to discuss the DPD/GoldenDict in this thread! I have just installed it on my machine and am truly excited!!! :+1: :heart:

One cool thing: I can use the pop-up function in Bilara too, or anywhere where I see a Pali word! :astonished: Except, well … on a picture. :laughing:


Lucky you. I’ve not been able to get the Mac hot key working for me. I suppose it works on SC as well?

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It works everywhere! If we talk about Bilara here, the translation app, the pop-up will tell you what the Pali word means. :smiley_cat:

The only thing: I can’t install the GoldenDict on my tablet: its Android version is too new! :astonished:


Some of the nuns here at Dhammasara had the same problem, but they were able to install MDict which is another app that you can run Digital Pali Dictionary on. I think there are instructions on the DPD website for how to install DPD on MDict (Install on Andriod (MDict) - Digital Pāḷi Dictionary)

I was also wondering how other people search the suttas (offline)? Like if you are looking for a particular word or phrase in Pali? I have a way at the momemt (using Buddha’s Words) but I’m not sure how effective it is…


Oh thank you, I’ll try that!

So far I always did that online. But this may change if I get the DPD to work on my tablet.


Half an hour later: It’s the same with MDict: “This app is not available for your device. It has been developed for an earlier version of Android.”


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Do you mean without using a computer?
I believe Ven. Bodhi’s translations for Wisdom have indexes, one can look through there for keywords.

For Pali, one can download the VPI 6th Council edition as pdfs and then use Acrobat to search.

When talking with Ven. Bodhi himself, he is usually able to come up with sutta references that address a subject just from memory.
So perhaps this is the best way, to study the texts enough so that they all reside in one’s mind.