Sutta Nipata (Sn) - 經集 Chinese Translations not referenced in SuttaCentral


There is no Chinese translation of the Sutta Nipata on SuttaCentral.
Found two very different Chinese translations.

(1) 經集 translated by a Bhikkhuni (雲庵) in Taiwan (Tainan City 臺南市). In classical Chinese Gatha style
Here are some links to this translation:
(a) The translation :
(b) download site: (search word “Suttanipāta” & “Suttanipaata”)
(c ) Another pdf download link:
(d) referenced in a catalog of Chinese Pali text translations

(2) 經集 translated by 郭良鋆 (1943-) in modern Chinese style
Here are some links related to this translation:
(a) A short bio of the translator. She is a Chinese scholar in Pali, Sanskrit郭良鋆
(b) Printed book distributed free from several Taiwan temples, e.g.
(c ) Download pdf:

See if these two translations can be included in SuttaCentral.


Thanks so very much!

@aminah can you add these to our to-do list?



Better check copyright for this one. It is formally published and the E-version is still sold on the publisher’s website. Sometimes paperbacks for free distribution were part of the arrangement with the publisher, but the publisher still keeps the copyright.


I picked up a free copy of this book at a monastery. It was published in Taiwan.

I have no personal connection to any of these translations. It’s possible there are more than two Chinese translations but I have not been looking very hard. I am not even sure if the translations are accurate. May be someone can review them against the Pali text or Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation.


郭良鋆’s translation has some obvious mistakes, but it’s in modern Chinese and is easier to understand. I think most people read e-version of this translation for free.

雲庵’s translation … I feel that there are unnecessary awkwardnesses only to fit it into a certain ‘classical’ format, which makes it hard to read and understand. For example, the verse in this translation



was translated in SA into

信能度諸流,不放逸度海,精進能除苦,智慧得清淨 。

Both in classical Chinese, but obvious differences in readability.