Sutta Nipata (Sn) - 經集 Chinese Translations not referenced in SuttaCentral


There is no Chinese translation of the Sutta Nipata on SuttaCentral.
Found two very different Chinese translations.

(1) 經集 translated by a Bhikkhuni (雲庵) in Taiwan (Tainan City 臺南市). In classical Chinese Gatha style
Here are some links to this translation:
(a) The translation :
(b) download site: (search word “Suttanipāta” & “Suttanipaata”)
(c ) Another pdf download link:
(d) referenced in a catalog of Chinese Pali text translations

(2) 經集 translated by 郭良鋆 (1943-) in modern Chinese style
Here are some links related to this translation:
(a) A short bio of the translator. She is a Chinese scholar in Pali, Sanskrit郭良鋆
(b) Printed book distributed free from several Taiwan temples, e.g.
(c ) Download pdf:

See if these two translations can be included in SuttaCentral.


Thanks so very much!

@aminah can you add these to our to-do list?