SuttaCentral 2021: bug reports here! 🐛

Of course, it took about five minutes after launch to notice some obvious bugs!

  • side margins have disappeared on text and static pages
  • wrong font in dropdown menu
  • wrong attribution of image on Home page

All fixed now.

Any other bugs, let us know!

It’s super-helpful if you can let us know:

  • your browser type and version number
  • your OS
  • device, if mobile

I cleared the browser caches on my devices and uninstalled the pwa app. After downloading the offline content again and reinstalling the pwa neither of my device are able to access the content offline. I am using up to date versions of Brave on Android and UnGoogled Chromium on Pop! OS Linux.

I nuked and reinstalled the Digital Pali Reader pwa on my devices to see if it was installing and working correctly. It works without issue, so the issue seems to be with the Sutta Cental pwa within my two preferred Chromium based web browsers. I as far as I can tell I can navigate the to everything on the pwa except for the suttas. I get a “Data Load Error” output after trying to navigate to a specific sutta.

I enabled Chrome app on my phone and installed the pwa. It work as intended.


Thanks for the detailed explanation!

So the non-Google versions don’t work, but vanilla Chrome does work? Hmm. We haven’t tested those browsers, so give us a little while to do so.


I installed a Brave on my laptop, and then installed the pwa. Suttas were not accessible offline, but other content like the essays are.


I’m not sure if it is just my PC but I am having trouble with the Chinese word look up tool. For example here it doesn’t work:

MA 5: 木積喻—Taishō Tripiṭaka (


Thank you for your feedback!
The Chinese word look will be fixed later :slightly_smiling_face:


A few nits from my initial poking around:

There should probably be a couple pixels between the name and shortcode in the cards

Clicking Bhante Sujato's name in the Sutta 'Info' partially, but incompletely, redirects to the homepage

The Pāli suttas are missing titles and the variant readings * is very small and difficult to click, especially on mobile

The Voice :loud_sound: links are appearing on sutras that voice doesn't support

I’m on Chrome on an iPhone 6 :slightly_smiling_face:


On the View Settings / Reference section:

  1. Shouldn’t it be “References” plural?
  2. I’d love if you included the source abbreviations in ()s after the source. This way the list could double as a key for understanding the textual varients tooltips.

Super-easy to navigate and find one’s way around! I like the compact mode/comfy mode display option. Compact mode will be sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

And now to the fault-finding! :grinning:

The bhikkhu-saṅghādisesas contain both my old and my new translations. The old one needs to be removed.

Bhikkhu-pācittiyas 1-50 have only my rendering, whereas 51-92 have both my translation as well as I.B. Horner’s. My understanding is that the latter is to be deleted.

Bhikkhu-pāṭidesanīyas and adhikaraṇasamathas have both my translation as well as I.B. Horner’s.

Bhikkhunī-pārājikas, saṅghādisesas, nissaggiyas, pācittiyas, sekhiyas, and adhikaraṇasamathadhammas all have both my translation as well as I.B. Horner’s.

Bhikkhunī-pāṭidesanīyas are a bit of a mess. The first one has both translations, the rest just I.B. Horner’s. Moreover, rule 2-8 should be merged into one.

The Khandhakas all have both my translation as well as I.B. Horner’s.

The e.g. DN index has this lovely summary card at the top linking to the reader's guide. (Not a bug)

Shouldn't the Sutta Pitaka index also have a summary card at the top linking to the general sutta reading guide?

Also note in the above screenshot how clicking the breadcrumb gives this page the title “sutta” instead of “Discourses”

This inconsistency (sometimes the top card is a summary, sometimes it’s a subsection) was confusing at first.


The links in the index section have disappeared. First look they were there (magnificent feature :heart_eyes:) But now they are gone. Cleared cache again no difference - still gone

I’m on chrome on a pc


I’m totally in love with the new site! Thanks to all those who have and will work so hard on keeping it great.

I’m on an old MacBook Pro with Chrome and just came across this problem where the notes overlay the text. I know that’s a bad description so here comes a screenshot!


There’s no “summary” cards. The DN card links to an essay on DN, not on “long” collections as a whole. The essay for “suttas” is found on the “sutta” card, i.e. the Home page.

There is for most of us! You must be using a browser that doesn’t support CSS gap for flexbox. I thought support was better, but it’s only 70%, mainly because Safari doesn’t support it. I’ll look into doing it another way. Poor old Apple clearly doesn’t have the funds to pay engineers to keep up with web standards. Lucky I don’t have anything better to do with with my time! /s

Yeah that’s a bug.

May I ask where? They look fine to me.

It’s an asterisk, it’s supposed to be small. You should be able to see notes as sidenotes, but I see that the sidenotes don’t function on the plain root texts, that’s a bug. They work just fine in the line-by-line view tho.

Oh yes, that’s a bug too.


In the Info section of Ajahn Brahmali’s Vinaya translations (e.g. [Nissaggiya Pācittiya 2] ) … the Creative Commons image doesn’t show on my Windows 10 PC running latest version of Chrome (89.0.4389.82 (Official Build) (64-bit) )
BTW, great to see the new site and Ajahn Brahmali’s Vinaya translations! Thanks!


Oh, my bad, will fix.

Thanks for the specificity! It appears fine to me, but there is a bug on the link, maybe fixing that will solve the issue.


Not able to repro now either :man_shrugging: If I get a solid repro later, I’ll let you know. :bug:

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I don’t know this is a bug or just I missed it, but there is no link to list of Patimokkha rules (Pratimoksha Sutra) in Vinaya section. For example: there is an Indonesian translation of Dharmaguptaka Bhikkhu Patimokkha here:

But there is no link to the page above in Dharmaguptaka Bhikkhu Patimokkha (1st) content page


I’ve fixed the small display issues, they should be visible soon.

Indeed it is a bug. The Patimokkhas require special handling, because we have one text, and very many parallels for each rule. It’s on our roadmap.


No content in the side nav. Console errors are in the screenshot below. I’m running Firefox 86 on Ubuntu with a 2012 T420 Thinkpad laptop.

By the way, I’m actually a professional web dev and have been meaning to contribute to the site at some point. Recently I cloned the project and tried to run it locally, but got an odd error in the last step of the makefile (a Python error re: pulling down Bilara data if I recall correctly). I can probably sort it out myself eventually but thought I would mention it in case it rings any bells.


Thank you for your feedback.
The interface shown in the screenshot is an older version, please clear the cache and refresh it again :slightly_smiling_face: