SuttaCentral 2021: bug reports here! 🐛

Thx @bheckel Bob, This sutta needs to be accessed from the following link :


Thanks, I can access them directly! It may be naive but can I volunteer to edit the page with the broken links (SuttaCentral) in github or is there more to it?

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Hi Bob, welcome to the forum!

Dhammapada links are a bit special, because canonical links only exist for each vagga in the collection, not for each verse.

If you follow the link to Dhammapada you will see that all verses from 1–20 are collected under the same link, which points to the Yamakavagga, verses 21–32 point to Appamādavagga and so on.

This is a design choice (single verse on a page would break the text flow more and would thus be less friendly for reading than one vagga per page).

@HongDa perhaps there might be some magic which would redirect manually entered links like /dhp7 to the correct canonical link /dhp1-20?


Voice has such a magic, and so do EBT-Sites like Dhammaregen. You enter any number of a so called “vagga sutta” into the search field, and you get the correct vagga. I remember a discussion that SuttaCentral would also want to make something similar, but I don’t know when … It’s probably a question of priority, as there are many issues to solve and few people to do it.


I have also discovered the magic 🧙🏻‍♂️ and added it into a citation lookup app I just shared.

If you enter dhp184 it will give you the link (as well as direct links to translations on other sites.

However I don’t know if this id system is officially supported, meaning that it will be around for the long term. If the links did get updated on the index pages mentioned, at least they would fail gracefully if the ids stopped working.


When I try to click on member/user names or profile picture to see their profile, some work and some don’t. Some just very briefly twitch the screen. This has been going on for a week or two.

I’m using Safari 15.2 and I also tried Chrome and Firefox.

That’s really a @helpdesk-dd issue. The thread is really for problems on the main site, I believe.


Is there a new thread for 2022 yet? Anyway… Here’s my bug: style refs aren’t working, I think because I can’t force “main” refs to turn on via ?reference=main like I can on segmented texts and when the refs are off, the #sc17 in the url has no tag to scroll down to :slightly_frowning_face:

Could I ask you to open an issue on SC for this? I’m snowed under today!

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Filed! Deep links on legacy texts broken · Issue #2372 · suttacentral/suttacentral · GitHub


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Hi! I found that the padding on mobile is missing in this Sutta * Middle Discourses 125Majjhima Nikāya 125

The Level of the TamedDantabhūmisutta

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Hmm, this is caused by over-long Pali words. Browsers are dumb, they don’t know Pali and can’t add hyphens! We built our own hyphenator to fix this, but it appears to be not working. Thanks for the heads up!

Meanwhile, add a thumbs-up on this issue and let’s get the browser makers to add better hyphenation support.

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I’m just curious if that really impacts decisions made on these kind of things.

And for anyone curious about doing this, you will just need to create a github account. Then look for this button at the bottom of the original post:

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Thank you Bhante :blush::pray:!


I’ve been noticing this bug for a on Android Oreo (Chrome 96.0.4664 ATM, but has persisted on all versions for a good while)

It seems that whenever there is a very long Pali title that doesn’t fit it ends up expanding the margins of the text beyond the screen limits. The only way to make it readable is to flip the phone horizontally.

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Namo Buddhaya!

I have noticed on a few occasions when finding suttas sorted by subject (SuttaCentral), that some suttas are not what is mentioned in the preceding text.
On this occasion I took note and thought of sharing here (I hope it is the right place) and hope it helps all :slight_smile:

  • In this image the Dhammapada links open to a null page.
  • The sutta for “how a family can preserve its wealth” has the link to AN 4.255 - Searches (Noble and ignoble searches).
  • For “relative value of material and spiritual wealth” has a link to Ud 2.2 - Kings (When monks have gathered, they shouldn’t spend their time gossiping about kings.)

I hope I am not wrong and have wasted valuable time. Many merits to everyone helping to make the Buddhas teachings easily available to all!


Welcome @Kavishka! You’re not wasting anyone’s time at all!

Unfortunately there are problems with the index page. Especially the Dhammapada links. I think a change is being made on the site to improve Dhp linking, so hopefully when that’s done these links can be fixed.

If I’m not mistaken, this index was mostly just copied from You may just want to use the index there.

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Yes, see the previous comment, it is on our to-do!

As Snowbird mentions, this is underway.

This is a mistake, it should be AN 4.258. The problem stems from the fact that this was adopted from Access to Insight, and the numbering they use there is occasionally different. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find and correct these entries, but someone has to find the time!

This one is correct, it is the reference given in the original list. Perhaps not the most useful link for the topic, but it is relevant.

Thanks for pointing these out, and sorry to send you astray! We’ll try to get the errors fixed.

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Please note, the overlong Pali word problem should be fixed in the latest update, refresh the page and it should work.

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