SuttaCentral launch news


Dear friends,

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the launch of the new SuttaCentral website for another day due to some complications. But we feel confident that we can launch tomorrow morning.

Much metta
Ayya Vimala


tomorrow? oh delight!


Please note that “tomorrow morning” means Pacific Standard Time, so for some of you that will be evening :slight_smile:


The tension is killing me!


Please refrain from dying now. lol …


So excited!


Yes but they are way behind us. So it will still be yesterday for them. :sunglasses:


Tomorrow will never come.


You don’t believe they will ever release the new site? Or is there a deeper meaning here :slight_smile: …?


I will let you know tomorrow.


Haha, all those existential philosophers proven wrong: Tomorrow came :slight_smile:




See it came today!!!
It is a bit slow on my computer.
The images are not very clear.


Congratulation to all the team behind this task.
Can’t wait to read the new translation.


(Sigh) tomorrow doesn’t come … ever :dizzy_face:.


@Aminah Is it possible to have the D&D link closer to the top?
Perhaps after donation line.


I don’t make decisions like that.


Bhante @sujato Is it possible to have the D&;D link place closer to the top?
Perhaps after donation line.


Yes, that is actually on my personal to-do list.