We're live!

Our new SuttaCentral.net website is now live thanks to our great deva-team at STXNext, Blake and so many volunteers!

A special mention also to Deepika, Cara, Brenna and Sabbamitta who have taken care of the PR in the last few weeks so we could concentrate on getting the site ready. And to Aminah, who has so gracefully accepted the daunting task of SC Team Manager after the STXNext team leave.

I herewith want to express my deep gratitude to you all! The team at STXNext will stay with us for another week to sort out some of the bugs that will no doubt pop up. I will miss you guys when you’re gone. It has been great working with you.

As you have noticed, Discuss & Discover has changed to a new Material Design theme, matching the new SuttaCentral site and at the request of Venerable @Subharo I have also implemented a matching “dark theme”. If you prefer to have the old D&D back, the old theme is still available as well. You can switch themes by going to your Preferences --> Interface, change the theme and save the changes.

If you still want to look at the old site, you can find it on legacy.suttacentral.net


Incredible! Thank you so much, Ayya, too for all the time & energy you have invested into this project! And of course… Bhante @sujato!

:heart: :tada: :balloon:


To all the team, @Vimala, @blake, Hubert, Kuba, Gosia, Kris, and everyone at STXnext; to John, Lynn, Derek, and Ayya Pasada my proofreaders; to Deepika and all who donated; to Dustin and Keiko and family for looking after me on Qimei; to all my my teachers and kalyanamittas; and to you lot here on Discourse for being my companions, advisers, supporters, and critics. And to my Mum and my Dad and my sister!

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


Thank you so much to all. :anjal:

Ayya, I believe “… is coming soon!”, should now read “… is here!” :awe_struck_face:



And we get to see a brand new look (version) of Discourse too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks, Sister!

PS: I’m using “Manjaro Gnome”, which is by default, all “Dark” themed. It’s much easier on my eyes:

Everything matches… :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for all the amazing effort in this project.

The new D&D looks good. Thanks for the dark theme.


I am having problems loading the new site.

Trying with both: Firefox 56.0 (64-bit) Linux Mint and Vivaldi 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

I was getting a blank page width both, then a blank page with title and favicon, and now I am getting a content error. Details in the attached image.

If you need additional details or help, please let me know.


Maybe this has to do with the URL you are using. Try:

Works for me, I use Firefox 58:


Can you try incognito-mode / private window? It might be a caching problem.

Thank you.
This happens with all urls I have tried.
This happens sometimes:

I was using several profiles with cleared cache.

It seems to be working fine now everywhere, but very slow…


Thank you so much, Ajahn, for your vision in making this happen. This site will be a giant leap forward for comparative studies.

So far I’m LOVING the new site.

I too want to give a big Thank You to all involved. This site will be a very tough act to follow for all the other Pali-Canon-related websites out there. I hope they join forces with you.


Firefox is indeed still very slow. They have not invented “Shadow Dom” yet, but they plan to do an upgrade for Webcomponents next week and another upgrade for Shadow Dom in May. After that Firefox should be performing better.

Chrome works much better in any case.


Let us know if the speed problems persist. We’ll be making tweaks over the next little while.

For the next month or so, it’ll be a little slower on Firefox as compared to Chrome or Opera, as Firefox has not yet implemented web components. It is in the development branch of FF and should appear in the main branch soon, but meanwhile we rely on a polyfll, which is what slows things down. However for most things the speed difference shouldn’t be too great.


Firefox 58 seems peppy for me (just like any other site). I’m on a 4-year old laptop. @felipe, please consider upgrading your Firefox somehow.


Congrats to all for your hard work! What a wonderful free resource. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu! :anjal:


Thank you Ayya @Vimala, that makes sense.

The site still comes and goes every now and then, but other that that and the speed, it works perfect.

Bhante @sujato, I will keep an eye on the speed and other things too.

Bhante @Subharo, for some reason FF is not showing up in the updates list in Mint, that is why I am still running on 56, but I will soon update Vivaldi which is giving a few minor bugs. And I will see about upgrading FF too.


@felipe: Maybe install Chromium for now, until Linux Mint offers FF 58? You might also want to look over your “Software Sources”. FWIW: When I used to use Linux Mint, I always remember having the latest Firefox, whatever the latest stable version was (without having to do anything special).


kind of slow for me, but then again I’m also on very slow mountain internet.

I do have a question Bhante @sujato , was there a plan to have your translation of the nikayas in a pdf/ebook form for easy searching and skipping back and forth via hyperlink?


I’m using FF 58 (Mint 18.3) and also noted it was very, very slow to load (I couldn’t rule out a connection issue on my side, but haven’t had any issues with other sites so seems unlikely).

Chrome is faster, but it still takes longer than I’d expect for some elements to load.