SuttaCentral Voice: bug reports



Thanks for reporting, @Gillian. Trying to find out what happened … :hourglass_flowing_sand:

In the meantime, use EBT-Vue3 for listening (use it in Chrome, not Firefox). It’s our website lab from where a new version of Voice is supposed to be developed, but the process is slow, and I am almost afraid the process of old software running out of date is faster … :running_man: :grimacing:


Yikes! Thank you Gillian and Ayya Sabbamitta.


  • UTC 1730: Disk full … removing caches
  • UTC 1740: Huge caches for Aditi voices as well as downloads (i.e., common)
    Screenshot from 2023-06-18 09-39-38
  • UTC 1741: Rebooting Voice…
  • UTC 1744: Server restarted but search is not working…
  • UTC 1805: Cleared memo cache and restarting server
  • UTC 1824: Still no search, and server reports odd error about mn1/en being unpublished:
20230618 17:18:47 I Seeker: find() non-example:mn1
20230618 17:18:47 WARN Seeker: slowFind() {"pattern":"mn1","showMatchesOnly":false,"languages":["pli","en"],"maxResults":500,"searchLang":"en","maxDoc":5,"minLang":2,"matchHighlight":false,"lang":"en","types":["root","translation"],"includeUnpublished":false} Unpublished:mn1/en collection:mn [E4]
  • UTC1834: Reinstalling software node_modules and rebooting…
  • UTC1848: No luck. We may need to send folks to ebt-vue3
  • UTC1850: Time for a chat
  • UTC1925: Created new thread for this issue, which might become a bit complicated. June 18, 2023 Voice not working
  • UTC1927: Cancelling chat room…
  • UTC2300: Created new Voice server. Seems to work…

:construction: :white_check_mark:


It says to use click and play.
But I can’t see where to click. :cry:


Normally the play buttons are at the bottom of the screen, and there are two of them: the left one to play just the current segment, the right one to play from the current segment until the end.

Perhaps best post a screenshot (of your entire screen, not just one card). I think once we officially announce EBT-Vue3 (or the new Voice derived from it) this will have to come with some user manual; not everything is self-evident.

Did I say that you shouldn’t use it in Firefox? It’s not fully tested there and shows some unexpected behavior.


No! I’ll download Ff and try again. Thanks.


I said NOT Firefox! Chrome works better.

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  • sorry. I did use Chrome first.

Guess I have to wait anyway. :pray::pray:


You’ll have to wait for finding Mil 3.1.1, this is what Karl is trying to get fixed for all our applications, and we hope it will also work for Voice.

But here we were talking of finding the play button to click on in EBT-Vue3. In order to help you here, can you please post a screenshot from Chrome where you want to play a text and can’t find the button? Please a screenshot of the entire screen, not just one card. Thank you!


This is where I got stuck. I didn’t think to keep scrolling down on my phone.

With Chrome on my iPad there’s nothing when I scroll down but on my iPhone I got this

And, by the way, I just found that there’s no upload button on my iPhone. Chrome all the way.


Just found the Quick Overview on the iPad and a link there. Yielded the following

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Okay, that’s good for our purposes.

The screenshots are indeed helpful for me to understand where you are at, thank you!

Let’s talk about the first screenshot first. There I see:

  • A “Wiki” card (the “Home” card) and a search card, no Sutta card—so no play button is to be expected, as they are only on Sutta cards.
  • The search card shows a search for Mil3.1.1. Let’s forget about Mil for the moment, as this is currently not supported. We want to find out how to play a Sutta, so we need a Sutta that is actually supported. Try for example MN 1, or whatever you like.
  • When you see a search result like in your case “Mil2”—let’s just say you tried MN 1—click on that ID on the search card. This will open a Sutta card for you, and at the bottom of a Sutta card you find the play buttons.
  • If you want to play just the segment that’s currently in focus, use the left play button.
  • If you want to play from the current focus until the end, use the right play button.

Just try this and let me know if you can play a Sutta.

Please note that the entire app is under development. Especially the Wiki section is currently on the operation table, so to speak. But playing Suttas (if it’s not Mil) should work well enough.

Perhaps let’s still look together at this picture:

In the top left, under “EBT-Vue3”, you can see two tabs. These show you which cards are currently open: A card with a “W”, i.e. a “Wiki” card, and a card with a “:mag:”, i.e. a search card. Sutta cards show a sheet of paper.

Click on a tab, and that card should be expected to come to the top into the visible area of your screen. Should …! Please let me know if it works for you.


Not quite! Here is the search on iPad and iPhone, neither showing a play button. Also, I want the Pāli text rather than Sujato’s translation.


You are always on SEARCH cards, not SUTTA cards. Please click on “MN118” in front of the blurb text, this should open the Sutta card.

You can select in settings what you want to see and hear separately. Click the gear icon in the top right corner, select “text layout” for what you want to see and “audio” for what you want to hear.

You are close, don’t give up! :+1: :+1: :laughing:

It seems we’ll need an extensive user manual! :see_no_evil:


I found the sutta cards on both phone and pad (screen shots at the end of post) by tapping randomly on the left of the screen but it’s taken me a while to work out retrospectively what I clicked on!!

I thought “It’s not possible for text to be in front of other text on a flat screen :rofl: — could you try a different preposition!”! But then I thought it’s probably OK in American English :rofl:. It could also help when you write up the manual to say that the bulb is in italics at the top of the card.

The settings work ok in that I can change languages and speakers and hide and reveal text. But I couldn’t see where to suppress the English audio entirely so as to hear continuous Pāli. :cry:

Wouldn’t dream of giving up.:lotus: :laughing::lotus:
Thank you Ayya.


Any suggestions would be welcome—I’m not a native speaker and tried my best! :woman_shrugging: :grin:

Go to “audio” in settings and unselect “speak translation”.


(still working on it) There’s code deep in the bowels of Voice that understands the peculiarities of sutta numbering. The code is tricky and requires caution to change. But I’m still looking into it. :turtle::construction:

@Gillian, Ayya @Sabbamitta, thank you for taking EBT-Vue3 for a brave and quick spin. It’s quite eye-opening! :scream_cat: :laughing:

So far we have focused on “usable” vs. “learnable”. EBT-Vue3 is clearly hard to learn. One thing that helped both Ayya and me was to start with a desktop computer. The space constraints of the phone make EBT-Vue3 tough to learn. The desktop experience has a gentler learning curve. Once familiar with the desktop, the phone interface will make more sense. The card layout shines on the desktop where side-by-side comparison is the primary benefit.

With phones, the primary use case is more “listen to (and maybe peruse) my favorite sutta”. For prolonged listening, bring a spare battery for the best experience and longer journeys. Listening takes a lot of power and my poor little iPhone mini doesn’t last long with my walks.

Thanks for all the great screenshots. As Ayya mentions, we have no documentation yet :see_no_evil:, just placeholders.


It works. Of course it does! What doesn’t work so well these days is Auntie G’s brain. It worked like this: i see “Audio … bell” at the sense door; that must be for changing bell sounds and nothing to do with voices. A younger brain would go I wonder what happens when I poke this.. :crazy_face:

I’m a good tester for you; you shouldn’t be testing on super bright users. (To make matters more challenging atm I just had cataract surgery and I never listen to music players, only Apple Podcasts and Dharmaseed.) It’s probably not that hard for others.

This is true, but my laptop has died, and I await its reincarnation which has to come from Singapore. May it choose to be reborn asap!!! When it arrives I will be able to send you screenshots from 3 different Apple products whenever you want. :grin:

Uncle Karl I think you walk much farther than me! My daily walk atm is 2km. …. But seriously: I’m told that lots of monastics in Asia don’t have computers and use phones for everything, so it would be good to offer these guys a smooth experience if possible.

What you guys have done here is amazing. :clap::clap: It’s so cool.

I love that I can play it segment by segment. I love that it can show the sc segment numbers in the text (and I love that I found the setting without asking Ayya :rofl:). One thing tho with the iPhone (will test it on the iPad later and report here) is that I tap on the segment I want to hear in the text then I press the segment play button (don’t know what you call it) and the text sometimes jumps so that I can’t listen and read at the same time. Probably will be fine on the laptop.

Your best is very very good. Believe me. I’m a native speaker and a retired teacher of EFL teachers, so I can tell how good you are. :clap: :student:

I suggest rephrasing “Please click on “MN118” in front of the blurb text,” as “Please click on “MN118” at the beginning of the blurb text (in italics)”

Do please let me know if you want to see screenshots of anything Apple at any time. Really happy :grinning: to help in this small way. And would enjoy helping out with the instructions when the time is ready to prepare them.

Thank you both for your help and for introducing me to your wonderful new baby.


I am not sure if this is a question of age. My brain managed to perform such astonishing feats already when I was quite young—but with advancing age it’s getting even better! :laughing:

Thank you for your patience in testing everything! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Oh, a teacher of teachers! Thanks for teaching me the subtle science of prepositions! :pray: :laughing:

I hope you are recovering well! :eyes:

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I’ve updated scv-bilara to v3.68.0 to fix the mil bug. With the fix, I am now able to look at mil3.1.2 using scv-bilara. Ayya @Sabbamitta, you may wish to upgrade scv-bilara. The fix shouldn’t affect any of your work and will allow you to search the mil Pali suttas.

@Gillian, the fix will show up in EBT-Vue3 within the next 24 hours. Hopefully this will let you see and hear the mil suttas.

Thanks for your patience. All tests passed, but if you notice anything weird, let us know.


p.s., for the curious, the mil suttas were the only ones with three-part file numbering (i.e., #.#.#). The old code only dealt with one- or two-part file numbering (e.g., #.#)