SuttaCentral Voice going one step further! V1.2.13 ready to go :-)

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Dear friends of SuttaCentral Voice,

we are very happy to announce the next release.

There has a lot of new functionality been added to SuttaCentral Voice, especially to facilitate access for screen reader users. Also, in order to ensure long term maintenance of the project and make it more independent of its originator, some Admin functions have been implemented; details can be found here.

The new release is ready to go in a minute from now—so looking forward to test it and receive your feedback! Please find SC-Voice here.

SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released :heart_eyes:

Release v1.2.13 completed.

Thank you, Anagarika!

Everybody please welcome Anagarika Sabbamitta as the new SCV Product Owner (PO) in charge of planning and directing the future of Voice.

Also please thank Aminah for her vision and direction as the original Voice Product Owner from its earliest days. Aminah’s own interests and passion for user interfaces, accessibility and design have drawn her into her new role as the Voice User Experience Design Lead (UXDL). In fact, Aminah has herself made many of the improvements in Voice 1.2.13 and has brought Voice accessibility to a much higher standard of compliance and ease-of-use with popular screenreaders such as JAWS, NVDA and ChromeVox.

Thank you Anagarika Sabbamitta and Aminah!


Looks great! I could just go on for ages pressing the new “Inspire Me” button… :heart_eyes:


It’s wonderful. So clean. And ‘Inspire me’ is inspirational.

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

My wish is for a continuous play loop like there used to be on cassette players. It would be a great aid memorisation.


I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement that on the website. In any case, if you download a sutta, or a playlist of suttas, you can do that on your own device.


I’ve thought about it, but after watching myself listen to MN121, what I see is this:

  • Karl is making dinner and likes to listen to MN121
  • Karl starts MN121, which plays for 30m and stops
  • Karl continues making dinner and double taps his earbuds to restart MN121

The last is what made me hesitate to auto-loop. There is definitely mindfulness involved in choosing a restart time for a sutta, even if only to decide whether there is time enough left for one whole iteration. Half a sutta is just so unsatisfying.

@Gillian, would you say more about the looping requirement and how you would use it?


Most thoroughly splendid! As ever, thank you so much for delivering such a glorious product. Likewise, huge thanks to Ang. Sabbamitta for guiding it along its way.


:rofl: Ditto!


Yes of course. Thanks.


em that em


@SarathW1, I hope you’ll make it through all the Nikayas before the issue with HTML code in text panel will be addressed… :wink:

(No, don’t worry, just listen at your own pace!)


Wow, SCV continues to inspire! Thanks so much to Karl for his visionary leadership and outstanding technical skills. And congratulations to both Sabbamitta and Aminah for your grand new titles!


I wouldn’t be too bowled over if I were you, Karl is as generous handing out titles as he is with giving forth the stunning Voice updates; a new one comes about once or twice per month. :grinning:

For my part there’s not a lot of room to let it go to my head as I’ve got :shark: to play with.


Yes, absolutely right; at least in my case it’s mainly a title, and what I am doing is just trying to keep track with Karl’s and Aminah’s amazing work, and trying to keep the RP updated. :smiley:

But Aminah has truly done an incredible work with accessibility research and implementation and user interface! And Karl, as ever, is such a great resource—the only trouble is that he is trying to make himself redundant… :cry:

(I know, attachment is the root of suffering… )


Non attachement lead to Nibbana. (deathless or the non-redundant).


deeds. …”?’



This is also on the main site, so I reported it here.


Not how I see it!

Steering the ship is more than just “just”.


Opening the door to some more playmates is all.


<em>that</em> is real.

You find this error in six places in this Sutta


But that’s not what I do. I rather feel like I am running after the ship… :motor_boat: :running_woman:


If you’re able to run after a sailing ship, I wouldn’t call that “just” either! The second coming hath come! :hushed: