SuttaCentral Voice going one step further! V1.2.13 ready to go :-)

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I do my best! But anyway, it’s just wonderful to see all these awesome things happening! :star_struck:

What does that mean?


It means I’m wondering if you’re Jesus returned. :thinking:


Oh don’t worry, I wouldn’t go that far… :joy:


Thanks so much @karl_lew, @sabbamitta and @aminah! Using this button every day for our Sutta Reading.


We can see the “Russell” caches filling up—that might be mainly due to you! :heart:


Sometimes I do wonder about Russell…


Very handy…


<em>all</em> form
You find this many places in this sutta.


Thanks for being so diligent in reporting these errors @SarathW1. :anjal:

@karl_lew, to make sure SarathW1 has as much uninterrupted listening time as possible, can I just confirm that fixing this HTML display bug will correct all of them, and that there are already enough reports of individual places where they happen to track down the problem?


I think we have enough instances of HTML reports that further ones would be redundant at this time. Thank you, Sarath. :pray:


So. I won’t report that particular problem in the future.
Thanks. SCV is such a wonderful learning aid.


(This should be expanded as in MN 107, the Discourse with Moggallāna the Accountant.)



What would you suggest Voice to change here?


But it seems very unusula by listening so far. First time I came accroos having a note in the middle of the Sutta.


Yes, this is due to the abbreviation. Often the expansion for an abbreviation is within the same sutta, but sometimes, like here, it is across suttas.


After my initial enthusiasm at expanding MN1, I stopped worrying about expansion. Indeed, people on D&D actually find the MN1 Voice expansion annoying! :laughing:


I hope eventually to work out the buttons on my smartphone… :laughing:


sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!


MN 131.)


MN134 also the same


??—I don’t understand what the issue is. Can you explain please?