SuttaCentral Voice going one step further! V1.2.13 ready to go :-)

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is it how to pronounce MN?
Don’t we say em en?
May be I am wrong.
It is a minor issue though.


Ah, I see. The term “MN” is mispronounced. I’ve seen this in other instances too. Thanks for reporting.

I also agree with this, and there are other pronunciation issues with higher priority. I’ll note it nevertheless.


Dear friends of SuttaCentral Voice, I’d just like to share some interesting findings we have made. With the last release the sound caches have been split according to Nikaya, language, and reading voice, and this now allows us to see how people use SC-Voice. To our great surprise we find that many of you listen to the Pali texts: The Pali caches are the ones that are filling up the quickest of all!

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Interesting to know!


Here are the sound cache sizes for MN. They are counterintuitive (because Pali is so large):


  • we are renaming mn_pli_sujato_aditi to be mn_pli_mahasangiti_aditi in v1.3.
  • caches are currently slightly over 50% full, so we are monitoring carefully and will probably need to clear some caches periodically until we figure out how to handle all this data, especially with Vinaya and translations headed our way over the next few years.


And then, obviously, we’ll still have mn_en_sujato_sujato! :open_mouth:

Thank you, Bhante, for doing this. :anjal:

Amy will have a serious competitor! :wink:


Hello Team
Are you thinking of having the feature to easy forward or back word to the next or previous Suttta?
I felt that readning SN and AN is much easier if we ca do this like in Sutta central,


I see what you mean, SarathW1. On the SC main site, at the bottom of each page there is a link to the previous / next sutta. This is not on the agenda for the release we are currently working on (which can be seen here). But I can add it to the Backlog, and then we can see.

Thanks for using SC-Voice and giving feedback, this is very valuable! :pray:


Perhaps I am going to use a strattergy.
For short Sutta I might use SC and long Sutta I may use SCV.
This strategy will apply only for SN and AN as they have lot of short Sutta and repetition.


Another thing you can do is make your own playlists on SC-Voice. You type in the search field “SN1.1-5”, for example, and you get the first 5 suttas of the first Samyutta of the Samyutta Nikaya. They will be read out together. And if it turns out that your playlist is longer than you intended you can stop at any time…


Great. Even better!


You should get them, and in the right order. If not please let us know—there are a few bugs with search already, and they will be addressed at some point.


Are there sounds in Pali, not found in English? See this:


Yes, there are quite a few phonemes in Pali that aren’t found in English. That’s why Amy, the English voice, needs some extra help from Karl in order to pronounce all the proper names like Gotama, Jeta’s Grove, Pasenadi, etc. And even words like Buddha that occur in the translated texts.

Aditi, the voice we use for Pali, has a bilingual set of programming: English and Hindi. So she is quite well able to pronounce Pali words, but still needs Karl’s support, as Hindi and Pali are not entirely the same.

Right now we are working on improvements for Pali pronunciation.


I type “SN1.1-5” but did not work.


OK I typed SN1.1-10 and worked.


What happened when you tried?

For me it does work. You should of course make sure that in your settings you have selected a minimum number of 5 search results to be returned. But if it works with 10 that should be the case…


When I type it with inverted coma , the meassage came “No suttas found”


What do you mean, “inverted coma”?