SuttaCentral Voice heading forward 🚴‍♀️---release v1.3

Dear friends,

SuttaCentral Voice is taking a huge leap forward! We just released v1.3.

This release has a very long list of new features and bug fixes.

One focus of this development cycle has been the long-term maintenance of Voice; so far Voice operations depended on a single person which is of course not desirable. We—and “we” means @Aminah and @karl_lew who did an incredible work while I was just watching with open mouth :open_mouth:—now managed to transition Voice operations to an EC2 server in a different AWS account, and following the documentation, other developers should also be able to do this. Which takes a huge load off the shoulders of Voice’s originator! Karl :man_cartwheeling:

The EC2 disc space has been increased from 8 GB to 16 GB. This means we won’t have to worry about cache space for the near future; in the long run, when Voice will host human read segmented texts as well as translations into more languages, root texts in other languages than Pali, etc. on top of what we have today, we will still need other solutions for disk space.

We have also set up this thread. We’d encourage you all to share your use of SuttaCentral Voice here. This will help inform future steps of development and at the same time can be used to help other (new) users in finding out what they can do with SC-Voice.

Another focus of this release has been the Pali pronunciation: Over 40 mispronunciations have been fixed for Aditi, the Pali voice. And I find it truly amazing how Karl came up with always new ideas to improve Aditi’s pronunciation; it has become very nice and clear by now!

Also, some search bugs could be fixed. It will for example be possible now to get the appropriate result, whether one types MN3 (without space), or MN 3 (with space); and some more.

Of other bugs that could be fixed the most important one is probably the occurrence of HTML code in text panel which has been pointed out by SarathW1 with utmost patience and thoroughness. Thank you, @SarathW1!

For the entire list of release items see here.

We are looking forward to your feedback! :anjal:


Anagarika, thank you for your impeccable and astounding listening skills as well as your infinite patience leading us. :pray:

Aminah, thanks for easing all my worries of a Voice transition. In a short few weeks you managed to recreate Voice not only on your own laptop but also on your own AWS Account. :man_cartwheeling:

BTW, for those of you interested in tracking what the Voice team is working on, Aminah has also set up ZenHub for us. If you don’t want to use ZenHub, you can also directly see the github issues that ZenHub manages for us.


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Many sadhus to @karl_lew :pray: , @Aminah :pray: and (whatever she says) @sabbamitta :pray:


Congratulations to everybody and well done! :pray:


Thank you beautiful people… :pray:t4:


If you have Google Assistant, try this:

Ok Google, open web page on



I tried it on my mobile phone, but my German phone doesn’t quite understand and opens me random stuff…

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Ach. Google. :see_no_evil:
Vielleicht braucht man ein Saarland-Telefon? :thinking:


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Google off saarländisch? Ach du liewes Bissje! :rofl: :joy: