SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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Windows 10 Google Chrome


Zoom worked fine.


Thanks for testing. I dug into this and apparently the default for cookie is “session lifetime”. Sessions rarely survive reboot. My sessions survive because I had “restore pages on launch”. I have changed the code to save settings for 100 years. That might suffice…

Thank you!

Hmm. I’m getting HTTP307 on http followed by HTTP522 on https. The sub-domain isn’t working. Much sadness. :thinking:
I am not exactly sure what to do here. It does take DNS up to 72 hours to propagate, so maybe we just wait. We shouldn’t change any of the links just yet until we get working.

DNS is a bit strange this way.

Yes. That is a new bug that will be fixed in the next release. :white_check_mark: :flushed:


Thanks for getting to the root of that one, I guess it’s a small thing, but I believe has the potential to be a real friction point.

I dunno, have you heard how long suffering’s meant to last? :scream_cat:


I can certainly increase it to 101 years or more, but… :thinking:

There was no “kalpa” option, so we are stuck with years.
Being mischievous, I decided that in 100 years someone here living again might remember this past life and recall that Karl was very much the practical joker.
:grin: :innocent:


:laughing: Maybe if we leave a note for a kindly deva to forward to the appropriate person.


Now I do :
ctrll -shift- T


We use Cloudflare for DNS and propagation is for all intents and purposes instantaneous in my experience.

Direct links on HTTP work: SuttaCentral Voice

I am uncertain as to why HTTPS does not work, clearly the server doesn’t respond to HTTPS requests, but Cloudflare flexible SSL should smooth that over (albeit with the connection being HTTP between cloudflare and the voice server).

It might be that it is trying to talk in HTTPS but some certificate problem is causing one end or the other to abort the connection attempt.


Thanks for double checking. The problem persists on my end, so I think it unrelated to DNS propagation.

SCV HTTPS doesn’t work because it’s not implemented.

Without a domain, I had no need for HTTPS. I think it is now time to correct that. Although I can implement with a dummy SSL certificate, the proper way I think is for you to issue me an SSL certificate using your own signature authority as the domain owner. I don’t think I should have the private SSL key myself.

Would it make sense to issue me an SSL certificate for


Ahh, yes, this sounds right. i should have mentioned, all our properties use HTTPS.


@Aminah, may I ask a stupid question? I checked out SCV and it’s very cool. My question is: is there a text to voice technology that reads the Pali? Or has someone recorded the Pali translations? The English Sutta text parts seem to be read by a machine/app, but the Pali voice sounds more natural. Has someone recorded the Pali texts in her own voice? I’m just curious how it works.


Her name is Aditi and she is an artificial voice. But Karl has very nicely taught her how to pronounce properly! :grin:


Wow. That’s brilliant


Here’s a tiny bit more about Aditi:

In looking it up I’ve discovered that Karl’s also been moonlighting as an Icelandic fella.

In fact, @UpasakaMichael, Karl had some extraordinary help with that task from one of our very own friends (hint: their name begins with “S” and ends in “abbamitta”, and without their sustained, patient help the Pali wouldn’t be as good as it is).


Interesting! :laughing: :joy:
I always thought Karl is a German name…


Well, I don’t know, with all that we’re learning about him and knowing his super capabilities, maybe he’s also doing some part-time work as a German, too! :grin:


I wouldn’t be too surprised actually! :joy:
(At least I know he speaks some German.)


While talking about feedback on pronunciation: I have another one, but it concerns Amy, not Aditi.

Karl, you have made Amy pronounce Gotama very nicely; can you please do the same for Gotamī? She prominently features for example in AN 8.53 (one of my favorites).

Thank you very much! :anjal:


I’ve added it to the list.


Here my first feedback on downloads:

Before the new release there was an introduction to the sutta in the English download, “SuttaCentral Voice recording—sutta number—language acronym—name of translator”. This isn’t there any more now, neither in English only, nor in Pali-English, nor Pali only. This is of course a good solution for getting the pronunciation of the translator’s name right—but I’m not sure if this is what was intended… :grin: