SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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This sounds good to me!

Maybe I should also go through the list again now and check them all. Some of the issues have been noted and then have been hanging around in a hidden corner for quite a while, and maybe one or the other is already fixed?


I’ve tidied up the list a little bit, sorted according to priority and according to similar errors. Maybe when pulling them in into a release plan you can take these similar ones together (mostly 2 or 3).


Much thanks! :anjal:

Just to check, I noticed there are a couple already with some ticks, can you say anything about them? Have they already been released?



That’s what I suspected when asking this question:

And the answer is: yes, obviously when fixing something else this has perhaps been a related issue and has gone along fro free? So please rejoice with me looking at the :white_check_mark:s!!



I’m so sorry, have you deduced that I’m also doing something else? I’m not exactly brilliant at reading at the best of times; when multitasking while sleep-deprived there’s just no hope. I’d consider it a win that I’m even reading the right thread! :smiley: But really, I am very sorry, I know it can be frustrating when you’ve already highlighted a thing and it’s been completely missed.

Yes, I had that as a possibility in the back of my mind, this is great! And also, I wonder if being aware of this potential may help you to strategically maintain the priority list (probably very related to what you’ve already suggested: clustering similar things together).

I most certainly will!!! And I hope you will rejoice with me when I subsequently delete them. My key tactic in managing anything is to delete as much stuff as possible! It can be quite gratifying. :smiley:


Please, really, I didn’t want you to feel embarrassed!

Obviously, similar minds think similar things. :wink:

That’s what I thought to do first, but then I thought Karl & you might just enjoy seeing that something has already happened on this list… :heart:


:scream_cat: Oh no! What have I done! That was exactly what happened for me and now I’ve deprived Karl this same, in fact much greater (it is his work!) joy.

Karl, for your delight: the revision before last.


:rofl: :white_check_mark:


I’ve found another one that’s already fixed, that had even made it into the “bugs” of v1.1.1. I’ll happily delete it tomorrow, so you all can have the pleasure of seeing another green tick! :sunflower: :white_check_mark:



Thanks Ang. Sabbamitta!


I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t been following this whole thread, over a 150 posts in just a few days! Most recently we’ve been talking about the joy of deleting things from the to-do list and in that connection I’m following up on this:

The fact of the matter is I don’t think it will get to be elevated on the priority list any time soon. So what I’ve done is made you a tres hacky fix (if, fingers crossed, you happen to use either Firefox, or Chrome) and will now be deleting this item from the back log.

You can copy and paste the contents of the scv-light-theme.css in the attached .zip into a new style for SCV—you can set it for “URL’s on the domain”, and obviously when the address switch has been accomplished this can be changed—using the Sylus plugin (Firefox | Chrome) to get the following:



As you can see, it’s not white, but it is light and you can further customize it to your own tastes (incidentally, :grin:, for those with ‘judgy-eyes’ noticing all those !importants and other mess (1) at this point I’m okay with conceiving of myself as more of a butcher than a hacker (2) the task at hand was merely to quickly demonstrate the option to ease my way to carefree backlog deletion).


Wow. I did not realize one could actually do this!
Client-themed web sites. :pray:



Thanks for the fix! :pray: :pray:


Just sharing in the pleasure of deleting things! :hole: :heart:


Bhante, why some texts are not translated? For instance in DN9 there are lot of gaps.


Hey, thanks for highlighting this. It’s not really an issue with SCV (what this thread is about), but I had a quick look on SC using the side-by-side view and found that there seems to be some kind of bug in this text. It’s not so much related to your actual question, but I have flagged it up.

In terms of your Q, look at the side by side view, my best guess, is that it’s just the ‘stock text’ sections that have been truncated (as indicated with the ‘…’ character). Eg. you’ll see that this bit is repeated several times.


I Cant fast forward beyond what I have read so far.
I can go back and go foward only up to the point what I have read so far.


In fact, you can:


You see the blue dot on the progress bar? You can drag it left (backwards) and right (forwards).


I have some decent recording equipment from my days as a music major in university, recording a bell shouldn’t be a problem, but how would I get the file to you?


Post it here for all to hear. Aminah is the SCV Media Director.
Thank you!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: My CV certainly get’s enhanced quite a bit hanging around with you. :wink: :grin:

But, yes, Coemgenu, please feel free to post here.