Suttas in Finnish


I have done some sutta translations in Finnish (MN 19, MN 44, SN 4.13, AN 3.35 and more coming…). By now I have selected suttas mostly by following my inspiration on my own meditation practice & studies. Translating MN 44 was encouraged by my teacher Taehye sunim. It would be nice see these translations here. @sujato @Mudito


Juha Lamminaho


Hi @Vajramitra and welcome to the forum!
SuttaCentral uses the Bilara app to enable translators to submit their work. You can find a recent discussion about it here.
I’m sure Ven @sujato or @Aminah will be responding soon and will guide you suitably. More translations are always welcome! :smile:


Thanks @faujidoc1

Tervetuloa @Vajramitra!!! :heart_eyes: (for explanation of my unreasonably excessive excitement over the opportunity to utilize my tiny and ever dwindling Finnish vocab, see Happy independence day!)

Anyway, exactly as faujidoc1 indicated there are two text formats used on SuttaCentral: legacy (hard coded HTML) and segmented (dynamically generated from JSON). As suggested by the names, legacy text are old and limited, and segmented text are modern and fancy (not least as they can make use of some of SC’s more swish features).

I take care of legacy texts and if you’d like to have the suttas you’ve already translated coded for the site, just pass them to me and I’ll get them prepared; but going forward, you might like to get set up on, Bilara, SC’s translation engine. Further, if you are are interested in having your translations in segmented format, you may even like to feed the ones you’ve already done into Bilara, but if not, again, just send the files over to me.


Thank you for your kind and fast reply @faujidoc1 @Aminah !

As a Finnish teacher I’m always glad when somebody is excited about our language (which is really not so difficult)!

Maybe it’s best if I just pass completed texts to you now. I’ll take a look at Bilara later and see if I can familiarize myself with it and then hopefully feed translations by myself.


If this excites you so much, then let me tell you a secret: I know the numbers from 1 to 7 in Finnish! :heart_eyes: :shushing_face:

I am using it and find it extremely helpful! You need a GitHub account though to view the texts there, and a project has to be set up for you if you want to actively use it.


Splendid! I’ll send you a PM with an email address so you can forward the texts in just a moment. Please, note though, as mentioned in the thread faujidoc1 linked to, currently there is a pending update to the site that means that new texts will not show on the live site until that goes through (I don’t work on site development and can’t give any ETA for that).

Actually, though I didn’t get as far with it as I hoped, from my limited knowledge base I agree. My failings were just a matter of circumstance and inconsistency, but I don’t think Finnish deserves to be considered as scary as is often made out.


Great, so three more to go! Then you can count to one hundred!