Tamil Translations of Sutta


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Thank you @dnw
I cannot read Tamil but can you find out if there is copyright on these files and also contact the owner of the site to ask if we can use it?

Their feedback links ;

tipitaka.org is copyright Vipassana Reaserch Institute .

Google site ; web ( home )

Links to further translations
Eg : Dhammapada…ect

I had a look at tipitaka.org but these are not translations into Tamil but pali in Tamil script. We have several scripts on SC for the pali, but not Tamil. @Blake & @Sujato: is that something we want to implement also?

The google site has indeed a few translations into Tamil, which we could possibly use. I cannot judge if these translations are any good. There is an email address which I can contact.

The Dhammapada is in a very unuseful format, namely jpg. But there is an email address I can try to contact.
I do not see any other translations of suttas or vinaya on the links-page so please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

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