Text editing and meme producing help requested

Help needed for two Dhamma projects by Bhante S. Dhammika

Project 1: A proof reader is needed for his latest book “Footprints of the Buddha - Life of the Buddha from the Most Ancient Sources.” Bhante S. Dhammika is looking for an experienced proofreader to help with proofreading this book, in particular with standardising the punctuation.

Project 2: Bhante S. Dhammika would like to make some YouTube videos and/or some memes with real Buddha quotes and needs some help.

Bhante S Dhammika is a writer and teacher, known to many of us especially those who use the World Buddhist University web pages.

The book is 222pp long and appears to be good shape already.

If you would like to offer Bhante help with either project, please PM me and I will put you in direct touch with him. :slight_smile:



We are no longer looking for a book editor (they were found and did the job very nicely),

but if anyone is interested in being put in touch with Bhante S. Dhammika to find out more about his ideas for making YouTube videos please PM me.


Venerable @Khemarato.bhikkhu, this link isn’t working for me today, have you migrated the site?

World Buddhist University is (was?) a different online resource run by a Thai monk :joy: My website is the Open Buddhist University :grimacing:

Bhante Dhammika’s author page can still be found at the same address there:



Thanks for putting me right, Venerable, about the websites. & I have enquired of Bhante Shravasti Dhammika, and he is hoping that the book will be out by Feb or March.


April! Not bad :smiley: