📕 Footprints in the Dust by Bhante S Dhammika

Bhante Shravasti Dhammika has just released his new biography of the Buddha:

Based on the Pāḷi Canon and telling a more human story of the Buddha and his time than you may be used to, the book draws on Bhante’s extensive knowledge of the Pali Canon and ancient India to paint a compelling picture of the Buddha’s life.

The book was also edited by an anonymous SuttaCentral member, so: anumodana to you and to Bhante for the new book!


Too bad it’s not available as a true ebook. Looks interesting!

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Actually, it is. You can download a PDF version on the page that the link connects to. Very cool.


A glance look, the book is remarkable work, but Bhante Dhammika uses Pali PTS numbering for the sutta numbering (eg. D. I, 178; M. I, 2; S. V, 398) which we must put a little effort to find the sutta reference in Suttacentral.

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I don’t mean to be pedantic, but when I said a true ebook, I meant something like an epub or kindle format. PDFs aren’t designed to be read on smaller devices (which are for some more useful). See this thread:

For anyone who doesn’t know, here is a handy converter:


I prefer epub, also.

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