Thank you Bhante!

Sprouting out of the discussion from Is there no Sujato Translation of this Sutta?:

Dear Bhante Sujato,

In my recent bit of life I’ve felt kind of time compressed and still haven’t quite managed to find a balanced-going-about-things to make suitable room for taking a leisurely and luxurious swim through the suttas since “SC Next” went live with all its new shiny English translations.

My perusal thus far has been pretty much limited to snatched moments here and there, but even with just these moments, I’ve repeatedly had a gargantuan sense of wonder and gratitude. All four nikayas! Available! For free!

I even have a gratitude for the fact that I managed to arrive at Buddhism a little enough before this moment wearing my typical ‘broke’ status, so as to be able to appreciate all that much more what a gift-beyond-gifts, you and and every single one of the individuals who supported your endeavour have offered forward.

As the thought has occurred so many times, now seemed a suitable point at which to offer most humble thanks.