The buddhas father and manual labour

Blockquote “Then it occurred to me, ‘I recall sitting in the cool shade of the rose-apple tree while my father the Sakyan was off working. Quite secluded from sensual pleasures, secluded from unskillful qualities, I entered and remained in the first absorption, which has the rapture and bliss born of seclusion, while placing the mind and keeping it connected. Could that be the path to awakening?’” MN36

I have seen several references in the secondary literature (sarah shaw for example) of the buddhas father ceremonially breaking ground for a plowing festival as the occasion for the buddhas spontaneous attainment of first jhana. I am curious as to if this is a plausible translation of the text from MN36, and if not does the “plowing festival” occur in other ETB’s?

any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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A quick search result in nothing about plowing festival. I also don’t remember any other source in sutta.

I remember this story appear in multiple biographies. It was one of the oldest legend.

It also solve several questions about the original narrative in sutta. Why was Siddharta alone under the rose tree? Why he specifically mention his father busy working? Can you find a rose tree near his palace? Etc.

Yes, and why seeing jhana as a path to awakening, while in his time with his two teachers he seemed to regard jhana not really as a path to awakening?