The Dalai Lama with Greta Thunberg on the climate crisis: an upcoming live event


It’s a lovely talk with a strong introduction to proferestation -
the art of growing existing forests intact to their ecological potential.

But when I walked down my street tonight, I saw a battlefield of pine trees.
Wrapped in plastic, out on the curb. More than 150 million worldwide.
Yesterday they decorated our houses, today they’re thrown out with the trash.

I speak on behalf of trees as they can’t speak for themselves!
These beautiful creatures are our lungs and deserve our respect and care.
Just like we want to meditate, they want to grow high into the canopy!
They lower the heat in the atmosphere, they refreeze the permafrost
and the Polar ice cap. Why don’t we want to listen to their truth?

Cutting down Christmas trees is threatening our health.
Please, plant a tree today instead of cutting one down every single year.
Many thanks from the trees :blue_heart:


I’ve seen where they sell bananas pre-peeled and wrapped in plastic, and I though that was the worst. But no, actually this is the worst.


Here they collect them without plastic, and all decoration has to be removed. They compost them after use, at least … But still … :cry:


Wrapping is an obsession. Even more now with Covid-19. We wrap water and plants, we’ll pretty soon start selling wrapped clean air.


Fortunately, in the United States many Christmas trees are grown on tree farms and then are collected by non-profit groups such as the Scouts to be composted.


I’d say that it is unfortunately so. Young trees are not meant to be commercialised, cut down and composted. They need to grow and live. Our very lives depend on them. No :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:, no oxygen.

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