The First Turkish Translations of Suttas Now Available on Sutta Central

The First Turkish Translations of Suttas Now Available on Sutta Central
Dear Teachers and Friends,
As Kalp Yolu (Path of the Heart) Sangha in Turkey, working to purify our hearts through the early Buddhist teaching, we are pleased to share a wonderful news with you. Following years long work by our teachers, and a dedicated group within our sangha, our sutta translation and editing efforts have reached a significant milestone. We are delighted to announce that the first of our sutta translations are now available on Sutta Central. Although we are currently working to add more to the website we wanted to bring this to your kind attention.

Dhammacakkappavattanasutta: SuttaCentral







Those suttas were primarily translated to support Kalp Yolu Sangha with the understanding and practices of Dhamma. We would like to make those and other suttas available to Turkish speaking readers to assist them in their noble quest for the undefiled freedom of heart.
May beings can experience the deepest practices of Dhamma and may the translated publications and understanding of those suttas contribute to the attainment of the liberation for all beings.
With compassion…


Sadhu! Sadhu! This is so fantastic, thanks so much! :pray:


Sadhu and hayırlı olsun!

I’ve tried to look into Kalp Yolu Sangha, I’ve only come across Cem’s instagram and personal website, with some (paywalled?) self-improvement seminars. What is the basis / location / congregation (whatever applicable) of your sangha? It’s not easy to find dedicated Buddhists here in Turkey. :slight_smile:


We are so grateful for all the work you have done for us to reach a detailed and correct understanding of all suttas as well as the support you and Khemaratana Bhikkhu have provided in the process…
Our teacher Cem Şen also sends his best wishes and thanks…

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