The parallels gone?

I can no longer see the parallels listed below the sutta title along with translations and edition of the root text?

Have i accidentally switched this feature off, or is it down?

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Hmm, I can’t find parallels there either. Even using the parallels button from suttas I know should show parallels, such as MN10, gives me no parallels.

I tried a couple of browsers, including a private firefox window, which should remove any cache issues.

OK, good to know it’s not just me, must be something on the backend then I guess @sujato ?

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I think @Sujato is on retreat. Maybe @HongDa is around this week…


@josephzizys @mikenz66
Thank you for your feedback :pray:
Happy Holidays :tada:

I have fixed this bug,


amazing @HongDa ! legend!! thanks so much :slight_smile:

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