The primary desire for enlightenment

This primary desire is characterized as good desire, right effort, right striving? And comes under diligence in the definition of the satipatthana sutta.
Are there any other examples of ‘right desire/effort/striving’ in the suttas.

Interestingly it seems right effort is only right effort if directed by right view. Is this evident in the suttas?

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Yes you are right, Right View drives everything, and each factor of the Noble 8 Fold Path both builds on this and reinforces the earlier factors. It is all through the suttas. I’d recommend listening to one of the sutta class workshops on the N8FP for a comprehensive answer to your questions :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a recent one by Ajahn Brahmali, with Bhante Bhodidhaja and Venerable Mudito from the BSWA.

If you do a search through the AV category, you will find many similar resources. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. In the thick of my final assignment on the Buddhist background of mindfulness. Decided to go a little left-field and make a case for desire as a good thing, (greed is good). Skillful greed of course, as a motivational factor. Will have to use the stick of compassion as an analogy to overcome hiccups along the way too. Catch ya soon.

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