The Sekha Paṭipadā is the Urtext of Early Buddhism

The Sekha Paṭipadā is the Urtext of Early Buddhism

This is a placeholder for my forthcoming essay. In it I make the case for the paṭipadā being the text upon which all the narrative suttas rely, and then go on to make further claims about the position of SN and AN in relation to these narrative suttas. Stay tuned.


VN1 (by which I mean Bu Pj 1)
DN2 DN3 DN4 DN5 DN6 DN7 DN8 DN9 DN10 DN11 DN12 ** DN13
MN4 MN6 MN19 MN27 MN36 MN38 MN39 MN51 MN53 MN60 MN65 MN73 MN76 MN77 MN79 MN85 MN94 MN100 MN101 MN107 MN112 MN119 MN125
SN6.3 * SN12.70 SN16.9 SN16.11 SN51.11
AN3.58 AN4.198 AN5.75 AN5.76 AN10.99

note about ** this gives the formula up to the abandonment of the hinderances and then gvies the brahma-viharas instead of the rest of the formula, it is the first of many such variations giving parts otf the formula mixed with other teachings.
note about * this gives just about the most truncated version one could imagine.

ALL of the above have more or less a “complete” version of a gradual path, however many many more suttas take elements from it, and we will explore some of those in what follows.