The World of Yakkhas

Information was collected from the Chinese Sinhala Vinaya Commentary

The seven great mountains, They are the places of rest of the four Maharajas and of gods and Yakkhas too.
•All deities are included under yakkhas

Things belonging to hungry spirits.
*This includes four Maharaja-gods and the like. If a Bhikkhu takes things belonging to divine spirits, then there is no offense.

  • Divine spirits can enter dead Body. And use it.
  • There was one earthly female Māra Deity that walked on water and went to revile Buddha .
  • There is threefold existence. Brahmas, Maras, Samana-Brahmanas.
  • Killing a Yakkha is not allowed even if it’s Sakka ,king of gods also.
  • Some Animals are called wild Yakkhas
  • Birds can also be Yakkha spirits
  • Serpent-Kings
  • One is mentioned to live below a river a city comparable to the great palace of the Thirty-three gods.
  • Sexual passion is compared to yakkhas or spirits entering your mind.
  • A Bhikkhu injured the arm of a deity in a tree while cutting the tree and then the deity goes to Buddha to complain and hearing a stanza attained sotapanna. Buddha show him a new tree.
  • Divine Spirits live in trees
  • The spirits on Himalayas
  • A female spirit made a tree holy
  • On Himalayas lives spirits like Yakkhas, Gandhabbas and Kumbhandas
  • There where Yakkhas that became Sotapannas in preaching of Majjhantika. He rebuked the Yakkhas and Serpent-kings
  • Sonaka created a large crowd of yakkhas against she-goblins