Thera-gāthā & Therī-gāthā - Chinese Translations not linked in SuttaCentral

Currently there is no linkage to Chinese translation(s) of the Thera-gāthā & Therī-gāthā in SuttaCentral.

A quick search yields at least two translations.

[1] the Thera-gāthā & Therī-gāthā i 長老偈長老尼偈-正體pdf (download site)

This book was published in 2011 ;

The translator is [鄧殿臣 (1940-1996)] - short bio.

[2] Another version included on CBETA, translated by Bhikkhuni 雲庵

CBETA 漢文大藏經 - 長老偈經

Download pdf site

This translator used rather archaic classic Chinese gatha style. Such a format most likely distorts the meaning due to the rigid stanza.

[3] There was a paper on the translations of these two works. It’s from Tsinghua University. Download pdf here.

I have not studied the paper but it might reference additional translations.


Thank you for sharing. I have a simplified Cn version 长老偈长老尼偈.pdf (1.7 MB)
However, according to Ji Yun (纪赟, An Introduction to the Theragatha, <巴利圣典《长老偈》发凡>) in Singapore, the quality of this translation by Deng Dianchen is not very good.


Thanks! This sounds great!
I’ve put it on the list:


Thank you very much for the reference to Dr. Ji Yun (纪赟)'s article. I was not aware of his writings. I found his comments on solid scholarly footing. He mentioned a partner on translation of Kenneth Roy Norman’s book, Dr. Chen (陳世峰), who got his doctorate in Agriculture from Queensland Univ. They would be valuable resources to draw on regarding Chinese translations of EBT. It would be useful to establish a repository of such commentary articles, such as the one he wrote about the Chinese translation of Thera-gāthā & Therī-gāthā .