Third Party Translation Apps

I’ve created this new sub-topic under Reading Guides to assist end users & pāli readers with DPD technical issues. The beginner’s pāli course (finishing up now with John Kelly) uses the nested Resources thread within the course to discuss and resolve these issues. It seems like we could use a more accessible place for this? If someone thinks otherwise, please advise!

I have installed DPD, nested under GoldenDict, on my mac & pc. (I’ve installed it on my android tablet, where it’s nested under DictTango.)

My current MAC issue:

Malfunctioning of the Command + C on the mac is preventing me from using the convenient hotkey Command+C+C as I do translation work in Word documents. (It happens across any application, not just Word.) I am now using the pc instead of the mac for this reason. My strong preference is to keep the mac on my desk as the default computer – not the pc.

I have searched & searched & searched online for this bug/fix. Specifically, when I use the Command+C shortcut to copy something, it does copy it in the first instance so that I can paste it (wherever). When I try to use the shortcut again, it does not copy the new item but retains the previously copied item. When using DPD on the mac, this malfunctioning prevents the Command+C+C hotkey that is enabled within DPD from working properly: after I’ve selected a term, when I click Command+C+C, I might get the DPD window to pop up and if it does, there is no pasting of the term in the DPD search field.

In all honesty, this has been going on for months – the native Command+C shortcut malfunctioning. But it wasn’t until late last year, when I began using the installed DPD, that I cared about it. The DPD hotkey is exceedingly convenient and reduces the time significantly for doing a DPD search while in a particular document.

I’m not trying to get pro bono help here for my native mac problem. Truly! :thinking: I am just wondering whether there are any power mac users reading this who might know what’s going on. I’m on Sonoma 14.3 and in every other way the mac works swimmingly.

Thank you

Great idea! It’s too bad all those support posts ended up in the resources thread you mentioned.

Reading Guides isn’t the right category for this post, but I’m not sure what is.

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It arguable that the thread is off-topic for the forum (maybe DPD or Mac support forums would be a better place to ask such questions). Anyway, I have moved this to the Events>Pali Course subcategory for now. It’s probably the least worst place to put it.
suaimhneas (on behalf of the moderators)



I checked and the DPD doesn’t have its own dedicated form, which is understandable.

I do think that this is an appropriate thread for D&D because it’s such a specialized use of specialized software fully in the realm of the folks who use this forum.

That said, perhaps @BethL could move her OP into a comment here and change the OP into a wiki where various troubleshooting resources outside this forum were linked to.


Thank you! Yes, that was the feedback I was looking for. I’ve commented further below in reply to Ven. @Snowbird

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This is decidedly true. Not complaining about it…I appreciate all the developer support on github and the immense dedication to maintaining it. They are keeping pāli within practical reach for who knows how many English-language would-be (and real) translators.

I don’t know the SuttaCentral platform well enough (yet) to estimate where this DPD tech support thread would go. It doesn’t appear to exist on the Internet (I’ve checked; Ven. @Snowbird confirmed; perhaps it does and we’ve missed it). I guess there’s a way to tunnel into the github thread and bug the developers about it.

It may be that end-user DPD adoption (or adoption of any digital tools for translating pāli) is not within scope of SuttaCentral’s Discuss and Discover feature. For the recent beginner’s pāli course it became a hot topic in the course resource thread. For John’s upcoming pāli class, for example, I wouldn’t want new students having to parse that huge thread to figure out how to install it across mac, pc, and android (not even counting ios). Without doubt, DPD became indispensable for marching through Warder.

Chuckles, I don’t know what an OP is :rofl: Please tell me how to do this and I will!

With gratitude, as always.

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This doesn’t sound like a fault with DPD. If it was a fault with DPD you could log it with their github

DPD just make the dictionaries and not the software.

GoldenDict make the software and it looks like they have an extensive forum here.


Furthermore I might be able to help solve your problem.

In GoldenDict, go to the GoldenDict menu and choose preferences.
Select the HotKey tab
set the clipboard translate key to command+option+c

copy your word using command+c then use command+option+c and the tooltip thingo comes up each time for me.

It could be that the specific hotkey combo you had set is being used for something else in the system, so you might need to play around with different options.


Ven @Pasanna thank you for this helpful input! I decided to go down the rabbit hole with apple support to solve the hotkey issue as it doesn’t seem to be a known error. (It occurs in all apps, not just DPD.) Well, that usually means reinstalling the OS! So that’s what I’m doing now. I’ll definitely check out the GoldenDict forum.

I decided to rename this Pali Course thread to Third Party Translation Apps so that people can post issues with the other ones that are also out there.

The short of it: I got it to work with Command+C+C and the little window popping up :rofl:

The long of it:

I found the actual github forum for reporting issues, where I reported mine:

GoldenDict’s macOS developer is no longer supporting this so it’s unsupported for now :sneezing_face:

Interestingly, after reloading the OS, I got the Command+C to work properly again but once I re-initialized GoldenDict/DPD it started reproducing the same error. So I asked the issues forum whether there is a known bug in GoldenDict regarding this.

That said, I learned an important piece of info while searching the issues forum: on a mac, you have to go into Settings/Privacy & Security/Accessibility and turn on permissions for GoldenDict in order for the little window to pop-up correctly within another app. So at least I got that to work! Everything works fine on the pc :roll_eyes: