Training AI models on the suttas

someone just have an idea to create a chatbot based on buddhist texts, he posted on reddit :

but it seems to me that he isn’t serious because he responded to all comments using chatgpt

… and the OP is deleted now.

just spotted a gpt4 chatbot fine-tuned with chinese canon, it’s behind paywall

There’s a generic Buddhism one as announced here NORBU the Buddhist chat-bot and this is a special EBT one, as the problem with generic Buddhism is as we know, on the deeper topics, views diverges.

Feel free to explore.

Haha just try to ask the 2 different versions this question:

jhanas do not require 5 physical senses to shut down is that true?


My current experience with AI is that DeepL cannot understand Bhante @Sujato’s four levels of Dhamma quotes. That’s really hard for me as well, but that’s because I listen to the translations.

I would use AI to help me connect with the world as I lose my sight. AI can read. I won’t be able to.

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