Translation help: Making ratti into an adjective

I want to know a Pali adjective that means of the night, what suffix should I use?

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Some context would be helpful. I can’t find a direct use of ratti or ratta as an adjective. “Daily” is āhika, usually as a suffix, ekāhika “on a daily basis”. We might expect rattika but this only seems to be used in the sense of “red”.

I feel like there should be an obvious answer to this question that I’m missing!

It’s a title for a poem.
“The comforting solitude
In the darkness of the night”

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How a bout a genitive? Rattassa?

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Okay, well the normal idiom for “in the dark of the night” is rattandhakāre.

Please do share your work with us, creative Pali is rare to see!