Translation request : SA 977 - Parallel to SN 36.21 Sivaka sutta

Is there an English translation available for the Chinese agama parallel to the Pali Sivaka Sutta?

Pali text:

Chinese text:

The Pali sutta refutes the view that all of one’s experiences are due to past karma;
Seven other causes are listed and it includes Karma as the eight;
Is that the case in the Chinese parallel?
From google translate, it doesn’t appear to be the case…

Thanks and Metta,

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No, it doesn’t.

The seven are: 或從風起苦,眾生覺知,或從痰起,或從唌唾起,或等分起,或自害,或他害,或因節氣。

“Sometimes suffering arises from wind, and sentient beings experience it. Sometimes it arises from bile. Sometimes it arises from phlegm. Sometimes it arises from equal parts (of the previous three). Sometimes they harm themselves. Sometimes other harm them. Sometimes the cause is the season.”

The sutras spends time explaining the last three. Harming themselves means self-mortifying practices of the heretics. Harmed by others means physical violence and abuse. The seasons refers to extreme weather like storms, heat waves, and extremely cold winters.

After that, the sutra goes into the mental bonds that cause suffering: Greed, anger, torpor, discontent-regret, and doubt. These are eliminated by the eightfold path.

The heretic who came and asked the question has his Dharma eye purified, and he asks to take refuge and become a monk. He eventually became an arhat.


Thanks a lot! I most certainly prefer this version over the Pali :slight_smile:
Including ‘harming themselves’ in this context also makes sense as it would be directed against Jain practises -
eg: Devadaha sutta which also refutes their doctrine that all one experiences is due to Karma.

Shows how valuable, comparison with Chinese agama versions can be.

Thanks again!

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