Translations by Bhikkhu Sīlācāra

Greetings fellow Buddhists,

I came across this translation of the mūlapaṇṇāsa of the majjhimanikāya from 1912. I had never heard of it before, and supposedly the author was ordained as a sāmaṇera by the well known Nyāṇatiloka.

It’s worth mentioning that this was quite an impressive translation since back in 1912 since there wasn’t a single English translation of the majjhimanikāya until Lord Chalmers’s in 1926! The writing style is freely rendered so it can be a bit flowery and use outdated words at times, but I rather enjoyed the presentation and flow of it.

The First Fifty Discourses Volume I.pdf (12.2 MB)
The First Fifty Discourses Volume II.pdf (15.5 MB)

Additionally, here is a booklet of his translation of the samaññaphalasutta.

The Fruit of the Homeless Life.pdf (2.1 MB)

I am wondering if anyone has a copy or knows where I can find his translation of the dhammapada released in 1916 as ‘Dhammapada or Way of Truth’? I could only find an image of the cover of the book.


We have a translation of one of the Suttanipata texts by Silacara also. It’s a rather creditable rhyming translation.


You can read some of the verses from his translation in an anonymous anthology, In Praise of Poverty, but the full work doesn’t seem to be available online.