Translations of Candana Bhikkhu

Candana Bhikkhu is working on retranslating suttas and voice recording them on Youtube to be freely available to all. Has anyone with more knowledge of Pali-English translations looked at any of these? I would like to know how reliable they are in terms of not losing any of the core teachings and messages of the Buddha as well as being free from any add-ons which would make the translations inaccurate in the message or teaching of the Buddha.

Here is a link to the written translations:

And here is a link to the audio recordings of his translations:

If anyone has a critique on his translations, could you please provide specifics?


Namo Buddhaya!

It’s been a while since i listened to this and i hardly remember the details but it wasn’t great.

If i recall correctly his translation of sankharā was ‘volitional thought formation’ and papanca was ‘proliferation’ but check this for yourself.

Other than this there were some minor things of little importance that i no longer recall.

I wonder if there can be anything like a neutral translation, especially with a language this old and with so many words reflecting core concepts that have been interpreted differently by various schools over the millenia.

You would have to ask: How reliable are this Bhikku’s translations according to whom.