Vinaya Doodles 😁


The shared nissaggiya pacittiya rules
(rules 7-12 of 18)

19/9 telling two donors to buy one robe together to get a better one
20/10 requesting a robe from a steward too many times
21/18 accepting money
22/19 trading with money
23/20 bartering
24/22 asking for a new bowl when the old bowl has less than 5 mends


The shared nissaggiya pacittica rules — part 3
(rules 13-18 of 18)

25/23 Keeping afternoon tonics for more than 7 days
26/25 Giving cloth to another monastic and then snatching it back
27/26 Asking for thread and having it woven into robe-cloth
28/27 If laypeople have a robe woven for a monastic, asking the weaver for a special cloth and offering a reward
29/28 Keeping an urgent cloth offering given max. 10 days before robe season beyond the end of robe season
30/30 Taking things intended for the sangha for oneself

(doodle updated on 20th March 2019)


I love the modestly bandaged monastic :rofl:


I don’t think this is a monastic. (I guess you mean the rule 29/28.) As I understand it, it is a layperson who is too sick to wait with their donation until the robe season starts since they are not sure to be still alive then, and therefore make their donation up front (“urgent cloth offering”).


Yes I totally interpreted it wrong!
I thought it was urgent cloth offering since they had bled all over the cloth and needed a new one before time!!
double :rofl::joy:


Should I understand this rule as:

If a dying lay person should make a robe offering early, that robe offering has been sanctified by the giver and deserves to be sanctified by the receiver through use as a priority over any other offering no matter how fine that other offering might be.


Bhikkhuni Nissagiya Pacittiya 29: “A nun who stores “an urgent robe” beyond the acceptable time limit must relinquish it and confess the offense.”

You can find the full rule for Bhikkhus here, including origin story etc.


Thank you for the origin story of this haste-cloth rule. I also learned that it may be acceptable to return an out of season haste cloth if the perceived urgency has passed (i.e., the donor came back alive from a battle):

‘I give this cloth back to you.’


There is so much subtlety in these origin stories and I wonder how we might incorporate them in Perhaps we might discuss on a separate thread. They are not on the roadmap and now I think they would be welcome additions. :thinking:


Not on the roadmap?—They are among the features in the backlog: “Adding segmented Vinaya to SCV (as available)”. Some parts of Ajahn Brahmali’s Vinaya translations are already available, others aren’t yet.


Regarding urgent robe offerings:
@Sabbamitta is right, the offering is urgent because the donor might die before the robe season starts. Of course, you can offer robe cloth at any time and there’s no need to wait for robe season. But it seems that people believed (and still believe today) that offerings during robe season are especially auspicious and people wanted to get the additional merit. So if you make an urgent robe offering, you can get the extra merit even if it is not quite robe season yet.

It seems that some people misunderstood the rule. Sorry for misleading you but my descriptions of the rules are just intended as a short reference and don’t cover all the details. I post a document / link at the beginning of every new class of offenses with the full text of the rules.

Yes, please discuss elsewhere. :heart:
And many thanks for your great work with SCV!


@karl_lew: Bhikkhu Sanghadisesa 5 prohibits monks from acting as matchmakers.

@yodha: the doodles seem to be missing the shared Sanghadisesas? or am I misunderstanding your system?


They are in post #5.


Ah! Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that


Personally I feel these go well beyond doodles and are more info-graphics or illuminations. Despite the bright colours and peanut shaped people, this is serious work. Sadhu!!
(I’m in no way knocking the colours or peanuts)


The nissaggiya pacittiyas for bhikkhus only

(rules 1-6 of 12)

4 Having a robe washed or dyed by a bhikkhuni
5 Accepting robe-cloth from a bhikkhuni
11 Making a blanket with silk
12 Making a blanket entirely of black wool
13 Making a blanket with less than 1/4 white and 1/4 brown wool (and more than 1/2 black)
14 Keeping a blanket for less than 6 years.

(doodle updated on 21st March 2019)


The nissaggiya pacittiyas for bhikkhus only

(rules 7-12 of 12)

15 Making a sitting cloth without a border of old cloth
16 Carrying wool farther than 3 yojanas
17 Having wool washed / dyed / carded by a bhikkhuni
21 Keeping a spare bowl for more than 10 days
24 Asking for a bathing cloth more than one month before the rainy season, or wearing it more than half a month before
29 Leaving one robe in a village for more than 6 days when living in the wilderness


The nissaggiya pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 1-6 of 12)

  1. Having a spare bowl
  2. Distributing out-of-season cloth as robe-season cloth (to exclude newcomers)
  3. Exchanging cloth with another bhikkhuni and later taking it back
  4. Requesting something, and then sending it back and requesting something else
  5. Having something bought, and then sending it back and having something else bought
  6. Using a sangha fund donated for a specific purpose for something else


The nissaggiya pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 7-12 of 12)

  1. Using a sangha fund donated for a specific purpose for something else, when one has asked for the fund oneself
  2. Using a group fund donated for a specific purpose for something else
  3. Using a group fund donated for a specific purpose for something else, when one has asked for the fund oneself
  4. Using a personal fund donated for a specific purpose for something else, when one has asked for the fund oneself
  5. Asking for an expensive heavy cloth
  6. Asking for an expensive light cloth


I found these drawings at the perfect time while teaching/reviewing the major rules with a newly ordained bhikkhuni, who lacks much formal education (due to unsettled conditions in her home country during her youth). The drawings brilliantly bring home the gist of each rule humorously and memorably.

Further, using the pictures I was able to do a quick review quiz by having her explain each picture while not consulting any notes - to make sure her basic understanding had been secured.

Thank you! Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu! Now we are hoping for Pacittiya illustrations.


Thanks, I’m glad people are enjoying them and finding them helpful.

Actually, dhamma doodles, and vinaya doodles for the first 24 pacittiya rules are piling up on my desk here. :wink: But I’ve recently moved to Sri Lanka, and the technical equipment of the monastery here is a little limited. Without a scanner it takes me ages to digitize the doodles. (The process involves waiting for the right weather conditions so that there is enough light, taking pictures with my phone, and then spending a few hours editing them and copy-pasting them into existing doodles.) It took me the whole day yesterday to digitize one, so doodles might be coming a bit more slowly than usual now. :sweat_smile: