Visuddimagga --> Show Girls

I had an amusing experience the other day.

Many years ago I created a blog on wordpress for a local sutta study group I participated in.

The group came to an end after many years, and for many years after that I kept the blog up as there were useful things for a general audience interested in Buddhism.

About 11 years ago a member of the group told me about a free PDF of a Visuddhimagga translation online ( now in eBook formats too ) so I made a blog post about it.

Day before yesterday someone contacted me to let me that the very Buddhist sounding domain name now pointed to a gambling site with scantily clad show girls on it :-).



And the link you give for your Wordpress blog took me straight to my own long-defunct Wordpress blog. More anicca.



I wasn’t my intent to give a link to anywhere, only to type wordpress -dot- com. The forum software made a hyperlink to who knows where.

I love th wealth of information and the good natured people on this site. Otherwise I think it is an over-engineered source of frustration.


If I click on Sutta Central Anguttara Nikaya English translation it is redirected to a Russian casino.

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Hi Paul,
Presumably that’s on the legacy site:

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This is evidence of either a systematic effort to harvest lost religious domains in order to extort the previous owners, or merely evidence of the universal tendency of all things towards entropy.


That would fit.

I would bet it helps the gambling sites stay slightly less visible to any authorities as well.

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Two can play at that game. Well funded religious organizations can buy those gambling domains back to spread the word where it is needed, to those with much dust in their eyes. :slight_smile:

You joke (I assume?) but Wat Dhammakaya does something like this: aggressively buying domains, managing their image on Wikipedia, etc.

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This what the smiley face is for. :slight_smile: