Volume II of BDK Madhyama Āgama Released

BDK has released Volume II of the Anālayo and Bucknell translation of the Madhyama Āgama recently. It covers Sutras 72-131, and there is a PDF download available, too. Looks like they are planning 2 more volumes in the future.


This is great :slight_smile:

Dear @cdpatton,

In the introduction of this volume, they changed the way of translating vitakka and vicara:

The first exception concerns the paired Chinese terms jue and guan. These denote the first two factors of the first meditative absorption (Pāli jhāna) and correspond to the paired Pāli terms vitakka and vicāra. In Volume I jue and guan are translated as “initial and sustained application of the mind,” because that (or something similar) is how the corresponding Pāli terms are sometimes rendered. In Volumes II to IV, however, the terms jué and guān in the same context are translated as “[directed] awareness and [sustained] contemplation.” We believe this phrase succeeds in capturing the meanings of the two terms as they are used elsewhere in the Chinese Madhyama-āgama. This change was made with full recognition that there is sometimes a tension between the twin aims of producing a faithful rendering of the Chinese text and taking due account of the underlying Indic text.

Do you have any comment about this?


It’s good to see that they revised the way they were mapping Pali-English readings to the Chinese. I myself decided to render those terms as “perception and contemplation” with the same basic meanings in mind.


Does someone have the list of the Madhyama Āgama sutras that do not have parallels in the Pali suttas? (I remember reading a nice sutra praising Ananda in the first volume for example…)


For this volume, it looks like there are three: MA 80, 86, 92.