Walking meditation while mind "on full auto"

Lately there have been fairly long periods (up to a week) where the mind opens up, and start taking care of brightening the mind/meditate. It picks anything from anywhere around, and present them as vivid and very funny examples of the three characteristics, and some other nice little “tricks”. I do absolutely nothing, and is led by this mind that I feel draws knowledge from a “library” in the back of a mind that is unknowingly vast and feels both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time

Only some of it is information I recognize as something from my life

Any suggestions … :slight_smile:

This sounds like a good state of mind - it seems you’re maintaining mindfulness consistently and noticing the way things really are.


Well, I also noticing more than the way things are, in the sense of the mind showing amazing capabilities that is unknown but at the same time “nothing special” …

That’s interesting - could you give some practical examples of these capabilities?

I start with: Several times the mind has showed me that it knows what gonna happen beforehand

A small update:

A couple of months ago a process of intens practice and deep metta meditation ended. It was from the start known to me that it would be over at a specific date, and before stable stillness left I asked for what to do, and the answer was two names.

I visited the first one today, and she wasn’t surprised at all, because she was what she called a “Helper”, and beside of that she’s also a skilled masseur, and my wife’s best friend. So, i had a very good kneeding, which I sure will give some result in the days forward when i do some more practice - and some very wholesome advices for moving into this unknown territory . And the second name, was a well known western Ajahn from the thai forest tradition, so there is the Teacher.

neat or not?

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Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like you’re in a rather cool and interesting place. The two names came out of meditation I think you are implying? I can’t say I have been in this territory myself (probably still a long way from such territory :slight_smile: ) but I have personally heard of this kind of thing from a small number of people before (not in a Buddhist spiritual paradigm though) who were nudged/guided along to a specific teacher at what turned out to be the right time (and had very interesting experiences and was a very important part of their path). Maybe this is the same for you (or maybe not). And am not really sure how this fits into and relates to the Buddhist framework.

I think if I was in your shoes, I’d be both very interested to see how things would work out regarding those names and also be somewhat questioning/have doubts about where the information is coming from and its trustworthiness (the inner sceptic is strong in me :slight_smile: ). But hard to see too many potential downsides though in getting in contact with and perhaps getting some teaching from an Ajahn like that (seems benign enough advice to me either way). If it were me I’d go with the flow (but not unthinkingly) and test that “advice”. If it worked out well, and this teacher/Ajahn turned out to be a good guide to this “unknown territory”, I’d be inclined to trust this advice source more in the future. My humble two cents anyway! Good luck with it all anyway!


The Helper started out with: "you know this is not real … "

btw: The western Ajahn is meant for further development of breath energy in the body, and also his knowledge regarding chakras. The energy flow I have had some difficulties both controlling and understanding in these processes is due to hightened activity in these areas. And the helper is sufficient as a kalyana mitta with more experience than me in this unknown world.

Update: Chackra lights has been what’s occupied this stream of consciousness the last couple of months, and the feeling grows stronger every day. When I think like “green”, the mind focuses in on the chest area and there is a feeling of warm tender softness, and when i think “red”, the focus goes down to around the tailbone, feeling earthy solidity and warmth. I’m wondering about what if I manage to stop thinking colors, and single out exact feeling that correspondence with color and area of the body, and with a little training, be able to put up a virtual keyboard and play “my mind” …!?

Here is a tune I believe could make a nice starting point during thes planned walking meditation, good old grumpy Waters … :wink:

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Lights: When mind is quite still and with eyes open, it’s enough to think “color”, and then they starts showing up effortlessly as nimmitas. This has a very nice calming effect on the mind without doing something special, and knowing or naming these lights to feelings gives me the possibility of silencing the mind by lights alone …, but this is still under investigations here

The rest:
Information given by the Helper was enough to land my process nicely into “normality”. It is not that it’s not fancy and so on anymore, but now i have no doubt about what to do or not to do. I’ve experiencing that strange beings are seeking me, and now I know how to take care of them in accordance to the dhamma.

Enjoy :grinning:


This is maybe a bit silly and childish, but as usual i blame it on my excessive listening to Ajahn Brahm’s sit downs for a laugh dhamma talks and uncontrollable fits of lolling all over the place together with the super silly monk … resulted in a mind that goes bananas with Cheshire cats in the sky with the pie

More serious, I do find it wise to just keep the mind happy and bright for no reason at all, and then just have fun right now, and keep calm eyes on the general direction this happiness goes. One has only to look out for all the normal people who might get suspicious if they see somebody being too happy about enjoying just being now

The keyboard is a mental toy placed on a natural bright blue sky, and with a calm mind I do think I can make this magnificent “Dome” into a Concert hall with lots of beautiful creations that amazes the child in me and makes it start dancing to sounds and colors visible and unseen.

This object is placed in the back of my mind, and there I let it make it self, as I do my practice, and when it’s ready … I’ll better be there :slight_smile: