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I know this has probably been asked before. I have attention issues with siting meditation among others that make it even harder to sit still.

Since meditation is a huge part of practice does walking meditation bring similar results as siting? I normally jog then walk in mornings. Thats the only time I can focus is on my walks since I can walk at a slow pace without agitation. It keeps me aware and helps me to slow down throughout the rest of my day. I know it helps with breathing but as far as some insight with study I’m not so sure if that relates.


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Thank you. I’ma look a bit later. I wanted to know if it does the same as siting meditation. Not really a discussion but just thinking about it.

I couldn’t figure to put it in the question and answer forum unless people wanted to discuss it more.

Got it Meditations 4: Dhamma Talks

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It depends on what results do you expect.
Good video to start with.

the hard part of meditation (in any of the 4 postures) for most people is the incessant mind wandering, unnecessary and extraneous thinking. That can be trained in any of the 4 postures, MN 19 and MN 20 are good suttas to study for that.

I keep saying it but no one seems to believe me, is that first jhana and moments of second jhana are not hard to do, if you take your practice seriously and apply MN 20 all the time. That is, one is always training samadhi, to think only the thoughts you want to think, and not thinking thoughts you don’t want t think. If you’re washing dishes, you’re washing dishes and thinking thoughts relevant to that, or noble silence. If you’re working for the man, you’re only thinking thoughts related to that work while working, and aware of intruding thoughts that are irrelevant and postpone them for later or write down a reminder for later. Once you’re trained well to be in samadhi all the time, then whether you stand, walk, sit, it’s easy to slide right into jhana.


To tell you honestly, I’m not familiar with jhana. I’d have to look that up. Right now I’ve started a daily run then walk practice out away from our city area. I’ve been doing that almost half a year. I know it’s ideal to do sitting meditation.

My main goal is to get in the discipline to go out every morning. I’m ready to challenge myself to the next step if there is one.


I walk meditation around neighborhood barefoot twice a weekday for at least an hour each listening to suttas as focus for meditation. Listening to suttas while walking gives the mind something to focus on for immersion and eliminates scattered thoughts. If anything, the scattered thoughts that do arise tend to be of the sort: “The Buddha said X and I did Y, maybe I should try X”. In other words, they are actually “useful” distracting thoughts if such can be considered. Listening to suttas also provides instant social seclusion since earbuds are social parlance for “busy and not interruptable”. Please do wear a yellow roadwork vest as you walk slowly barefoot. I have been thanked by passersby for wearing the work vest. One man told me that it stopped him from worrying that I might be in distress or lost. The yellow roadwork vest is therefore a western social proxy for a monastic robe usable by lay folk.

Note that sitting still for meditation may only be “better” if you are normally active in daily life (e.g., a gardener). However, if you are sedentary in daily life (love the computer screen?), consider that walking meditation might actually complement your lifestyle better for a balance of activity. Immersion during walking meditation will take more effort (because you’re dodging cars and bikes as required), but the payoff is ability to stay immersed while active. You’ll be able to become immersed easily while sitting.


Nice. That is, a good idea. I had an Amazon app where I used to listen to In the Buddha’s Words by audio. I can never seem to finish the book. Now that I’m going out I’ll try that.

Hm. Work vest. That is a smart idea.


When I wasn’t wearing the vest someone called the police on me. Two squad cars pulling up on an old guy walking barefoot in the street. :scream::pray:


Oh. Wow.

I’m a nature brat and hate shoes. In nice weather waiting for the bus I dance at the stop barefoot and all.

One more morning on my way to work this guy in his car did a you turn, stopped, and commented me on my genuine enthusiasm that many lack during work week. We talked a bit before he left.

I try not to dance to my headphones as much. At least not in the early mornings or night.

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