Wallpapers and memes

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Hi Sumana,
I think it is worth considering contributing to this already existing thread/topic:

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Yes, I will do so if the meme I will have created were a sutta quotation, but since this one is not, I did not deem it fit to be in that thread. This one is for non-sutta memes and also for wallpapers.

And of course it is for all to contribute!

Thank you, gnlaera!

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I just finished the final version of this wallpaper. I hope you will like it!

It was great fun making it (in Photoshop), and after many versions, I settled on this one. It has several layers, including the Buddha image, the Dhammacakka, the Buddhist flag, a barely noticeable photo of a dramatic orange sky (intentionally made low opacity), a couple of other layers for greater effect, and the text itself (which I also wrote myself).

I now enter a one-month retreat so will be offline during that time.


With best wishes,