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I was thinking some time ago about different ways to spread the suttas. It seems to me that the most striking thing in the suttas is the images. The similes and figures of speech have become such an ingrained part of Buddhist, and in some cases, global usage, that I think most people don’t know where they come from. And meanwhile, the suttas are seen as dry and uninteresting.

So, I thought I’d combine sutta quotes with relevant images in some fun ways. My graphics design skills are extremely primitive! I did these a while ago, and just came across them, so I thought, why not share them and see if anyone likes the idea?

Wallpapers and memes



Nice idea, bhante, we also have this sutta quote memes in Indonesian too long time ago:


Hah! Too much to think I’d have an original idea, then. :smiley:

These are nice, but there’s a lot of words! A good meme you can take in at a glance.


Yes, Bhante, English memes are better because Indonesian words are longer than English words :smiley:


Well her is a master of images.

Bikkhu Samahita.


well, i think that’s brilliant :+1:

what’s more the quotes don’t reveal much, they don’t express a complete idea and so entice the audience to read the text they’re lifted from in full to find out what they mean or what the context which makes them meaningful is


Completely agree. Almost a bit clickbaity but for suttas, I love it!!! I would love to see a facebook page set up for buddhist sutta memes with one of these posted a day with a link to the sutta.


Fantastic images Bhante!
In regard to holding the bird.
My advise is "If you held tightly, it will die"
Did Buddha say some thing similar?


it’s the second part of the simile

Suppose a man were to grip a quail tightly with both hands; it would die then and there



Also an authentic quote (more or less!) Being misquoted really annoyed the Buddha.


I’ve been collecting these types of memes for years into a public facebook album. I don’t think there are many on the net I haven’t found yet, although not every single image in this is a direct sutta quote, many are -

I also enjoy funny buddhist memes-

Buddhist memes have been around for years, accurate sutta memes, not so much, which is why is so glorious :slight_smile:


This is something I’ve been meaning to work on for the Buddhist Society of SA. My training is in graphic design, I just need to sift through and find the right quotes.
I’d be happy to team up on this as a project for SC.


Cool. Would you like to have a chat about it?


You might like this one too:


Yes, for sure.
This coming week I’ll have regular reliable internet, so please let me know a time that works for you. My email is Michelle dot Koen at gmail dot com

With Metta


In case the Vinaya starts to feel awfully left out:




Clicked this evening and immediately the fire sermon came into mind