What are not Early Buddhist Texts (EBTs)?

As far as the Pali Canon goes, is the shorter list the list of texts that are not Early Buddhist Texts?

If so, which ones?

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All of the Abhidhamma Pitaka. Some texts in the Kuddhaka Nikaya ( Patisambhidamagga etc). Some parts of the Vinaya. Some suttas in the other Nikayas may be late also.

It’s actually not so easy to list them all. It’s easier to list what is considered an EBT and then the rest is not. For that, see Sujato’s Authenticity or the wiki for EBTs for a short rundown.


Thank you!

The Early Buddhist material in the Pāli Canon mainly consists of the first four Pāli Nikāyas, the Patimokkha (basic list of monastic rules) and other Vinaya material as well as some parts of the Khuddaka Nikāya (mainly Sutta Nipata, Itivuttaka, Dhammapada, Therigatha, Theragatha, and the Udana).


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Let us relativise here, according to the Wikipedia article posted above:

In spite of the relative lateness of the Abhidharma works, according to scholars like Erich Frauwallner, there are kernels of early pre-sectarian material in the earliest layer of the Abhidharma literature, such as in the Theravada Vibhanga , the Dharmaskandha of the Sarvastivada, and the Śāriputrābhidharma of the Dharmaguptakaschool. According to Frauwallner’s comparative study, these texts were possibly developed and “constructed from the same material”, mainly early Buddhist doctrinal lists (Pali: mātikā , Sanskrit: mātṛkā ) which forms the “ancient core” of early Abhidharma.[6]

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The structure of these three early Abhidharma works bears certain resemblances to the structure of the so-called Sutra-anga portion (Sutra-matrka) of the early SN/SA. See Choong Mun-keat:

pp. 898-900 in "Ācāriya Buddhaghosa and Master Yinshun 印順 on the Three-aṅga Structure of Early Buddhist Texts”, 2020.
pp. 242, 252 in The Fundamental Teachings of Early Buddhism: A Comparative Study Based on the Sūtrāṅga portion of the Pāli Saṃyutta-Nikāya and the Chinese Saṃyuktāgama, 2000.

Yes true, and the same applies to some Mahayana sutras, which contain some EBT content.

Actually, the long Prajnaparamita sutras are like a matrioksa doll, they contain some ebt stuff (like satipatthana material), a mtrka from the *Śāriputrābhidharma and Mahayana stuff.

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Hilariously the actual source of this assertion is our own @sujato and @Brahmali 's Authenticity of the Early Buddhist Texts
which the Wikipedia article cites.

As for inauthentic passages the best resource seems to be:

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Yes, I made that article back in 2017, and used Authenticity as a major source


Your a treasure @Javier ! I am working my way through your ontology thread too which is great.

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