What happened to user icons?


Today suddenly some of the user icons look a bit strange:

This is what it looks like on Firefox. On Chrome, they have disappeared altogether.

Some others however are perfectly fine.

Anyone knows what happened? @Aminah?


Yeah, I spotted that too, but only with respect to one user and had assumed there was an issue with an image they’d uploaded (the icon pictured in your OP is a broken image icon). Have you seen this for several users?


At least two.
And I’ve also seen it in quotations of users whose icon looks otherwise fine.


Hmm, well I guess two is an issue

Problem encountered 2 times
As soon as a problem gets encountered twice (twice by you, or twice by two different people in your team/family) then you’re in infinity territory. If it can happen twice, it can happen a thousand times. This is the right time to solve it good and solve it once.
(Solve It Once, Dave Geddes)


I think it is—it’s more than twice (see my edit; sorry you might not have seen it.)


Three just demonstrates the theory. :wink:


It might be related to this recent issue


Mine has disappeared too, so not getting notifications.


I can see your user icon perfectly fine.

So you’re probably talking of a different thing. You say you don’t get notifications. Actually, next to your own post, your user icon is fine, but when I quote what you said, it is briken in the quote. Might this have to do with the fact that you don’t get notifications?

Maybe someone with more tech skills—@Aminah again?

After posting your user icon shows in the quote, but while I was writing it didn’t show inthe preview.


Are you sure you’re logged in?


This screenshot shows several broken images where user icons should be:


Alas, my full skill set goes only as far as standing next to people with actual skills. The post Musiko linked to sounds a likely explanation and is probably worth keeping an eye on. I guess Blake will probably need to have a look at it if it persists.


Some people’s user icons look fine next to their actual posts, but not next to the “like” button.


Thanks for taking care anyway! :sunflower:


Indeed, this sounds like a Discourse issue so it will most likely be fixed with the next update. Nothing to do but wait.


SuttaCentral pages are quite complex and involve many requests to the internet. Sometimes those requests fail because of mischievous devas playing badminton with Ethernet packets. To address these issues, browsers often cache things like pictures on local computers.

The magical incantation of CTRL-SHIFT-R is a summons to emphatically summon all web page resources summarily from the internet. This complete page refresh serves to chivvy the devas into cooperation and may need to be issued several times in succession (there are many devas out there). I see all your icons after three such summons.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :sunflower:

Here they still play badminton after 10 or so such summons… :badminton:


@Blake, we are getting persistent 404 errors on some user icons. Here is a consistent failure.


metoo. What I did then was to delete the firefox-cache-entries/files and restart firefox. Then my own icon was visible again, but still some users’ icons not. Like in the screenshot of Metaphor.

Perhaps it is significant that this happened with my own icon (at the top of the screen) after reading/working in the long thread about “giving feedback on typos


The fix for this is a simple restart of a Discourse container, which only server admin can perform: tagging @blake for assistance