What happened to user icons?


It’s back again, but a bit flaky. Does this mean my identity is dissipating? :yum:


Perhaps it’s the Ethernet devas playing badminton.


Just out of curiosity, has this problem be solved site-wise? I still see broken user icons on my computer, so I’m wondering if a solution was found that requires individuals to make some browser adjustments on their own. Thanks! :pray:


I’m not seeing broken pictures, but ever since the last upgrade (some time ago now) I consistently see this 25%20pm rather than this 11%20pm in the discussion threads. With an initial over a short name I’m forever doing ID checks.


This comes with the theme. If you switch to legacy theme it will be back to normal.


It didn’t before the upgrade. Minor glitch I presume. :ghost:


I think they gave up on the new theme, so you can return to the old one.


I didn’t realise. Thanks for the advice. :full_moon_with_face: :anjal:


Reviving this to mention that for a good while all of the user icons that are Discourse generated letters are not appearing except within quote boxes. ( I’m using the Discourse app-ish thingy on Chrome and Android) There’s just blankness, not even a broken image indicator. User profiles that have a picture for their avatar seem to be unaffected. :thinking:


AFAIK I also don’t have an icon ATM, but I am hopeless at computers and don’t know how to “reset my cache” (or what my cache is), so I think I will go iconless. It’s not that big a change.


Handy hint! Mine has reappeared after I uploaded an image.


I didn’t notice such a distinction so far (mainly perhaps since I don’t know what sort of icon a user has whose icon I can’t see).

But what I have just tested right now, and what is interesting, is that different icons are present and absent in different browsers.

On my laptop I can test 3 browsers:

  • With Firefox quite many icons are absent. I can see both icons with simple letters and picture icons. The absent icons are represented as broken images.
  • With Chrome less icons are absent. Here too I can see both letters and actual images. The absent icons are not represented at all.
  • With Chromium it is similar as with Chrome, but the absent and present icons are not necessarily the same.

Also I have noticed (on Firefox which I mostly use) that over time some icons come back, while other ones get lost.

Who said that resetting your cache would help? For me it didn’t, and as far as I understood the solution has to come from the SC Discourse server admin (who is Blake, as I understood it), and not from individual users. Blake has been notified of the issue several times, and I am sure he did what he could, and it is still not solved. So it may be a Discourse issue, and the SC team can’t do anything.

Not sure for how long this will keep, but nice picture! :wink:


The icons are still missing. I asked about this on Discourse Meta here and Jack Hodgson replied:

Has the site been rebuild as per:

Discourse 2.3.0.beta3 Release Notes

:warning: Rebuild required. The rebuild will pick up on important NGINX changes required for letter avatar caching and must be completed if the site has not be been rebuild from the command line in the last 2 weeks.

Has this rebuild been done yet, @blake and @sujato?


We are aware. Just discussed it with Blake and we will upgrade tomorrow (Monday). :grinning:




Right on!



Seems to be working again now :wink:


In fact, it does! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So is this upgrade why the Material Theme is behaving worse than ever now (eg a HUGE search icon at top right covering the humburger)?


The MD Theme was giving so many problems, also in the past. I’ve disabled it.