What happened to user icons?


Hmmm… most icons are in fact back. But I saw another one missing now that was still there before the update. When I last saw it there wasn’t just a letter, but a real picture, and now it is gone… :thinking:


It seems there are some problems with CloudFlare caching after the rebuild (there were a lot of under the hood changes in the forum software since the last update).

I’m seeing intermittent problems with profile pictures when expanding the :heart: and also problems with cached jscripts and 520 errors when hitting back button in browser.


I’m getting a whole lot of JS errors today :pensive:

including uploading screenshots of said errors :joy:


Your icon is also gone on my screen.


There was a major change in picture optimization between the last version installed here and the current version, the server is probably very busy rebuilding stuff and cloudflare is catching on slowly.

It might be worth checking the server logs for errors to identify the real cause.


That’s really bad news; I find Legacy very hard to read. I’ll stick with MD until it becomes totally dysfunctional.


Eh - it’s gone already - that was my last post in MD!! :cry: … Talk about impermanence … :rofl:


Cloudflare is a bit slow to catch up sometimes. You probably used a Cloudflare cache. I can try making a new one at some point but it would need a lot of work.


Don’t … I’ll play with all the minor settings …


What exactly do you find hard to read? Are you using a desktop or mobile?


It’s the serif type font on a lot of bright white background … ageing eyes probably …

I’ve been playing with the adjust text size option, but it only works on the Suggested Topics list at the bottom (which isn’t important). Your question remains stubbornly the same size regardless of how I set it! Increasing the font size would be the best fix.


@Gillian, do you use Chrome?

I use Dark Reader myself. Which gives white text on a dark background. It’s available in the Chrome webstore.


I prefer to type on the laptop, but also use phone and iPad, depending on where I am.


Yes, I’m on Chrome. I’ve not heard of Dark Reader, but will check for it now. :smile:


What I can do is make a variation on this legacy theme with a different font. Something like an “accessibility” theme.


There is a new setting for the global font size in this version of Discourse (User settings—Preferences—Interface—Text size), but alas, it is not working for me (could be that caching issues are preventing this jscript from loading too atm)?

This definitely works on other sites, let’s hope this will fix itself in a short while.


Yes, the Cloudflare caching is a real problem right now. I have notified Blake to see if something can be done about that.


You are both being so helpful @Robbie and @Vimala. Dark Reader does cut down on glare, but the font is still very small. Thanks for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

An accessibility theme would be marvellous … sans serif is always clearer to see. I’m possibly not the only person who would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Editing a posts returns 503 error, so there are definitely problems somewhere.


I’d be happy to do this but get hampered by Cloudflare trying to do anything right now. So that has to be fixed first. (edited …)