What's your favorite meditation app?


I’m still busy building Kusala Hermitage in Roleystone, but I thought I’d throw this out there:

What’s your favorite meditation app? I use Android myself, but if you use another platform (say a Raspberry Pi and Philips Hue mashup) your answers are welcome. Best to narrow it down to non-guided meditation, a simple “time’s up” is good.

My reason for asking is that I’ve been using a free meditation timer on my tablet which does not turn off the screen when the session ends. I keep waking up to a half charged tablet when I don’t close the app in the evening.

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Ajahn J.R.

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Hi Venerable @Jhanarato !

I use “Meditation Timer” free on Android which might be the same you use. When done with meditation you have to actively close the app and also remove “do not disturb” mode.

Some folks I know like Insight Timer which is more feature rich but commercial.

I spent way too long looking for a physical timer with chimes instead of alarms but anything I found was far too expensive. Hard to pry away from the phone “multitool”!

Good luck :smiley:

Insight Timer is very popular (794k users today, 12.7k meditating as I post), loads of options. I used it often prior to discovering Buddhism, not so much now.

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I’m fine using an alarm on my phone. If you want you can probably find a gong/bell sound as an mp3 and set that as an alarm for however long you want to meditate. That way you have the sound you want and your tablet will act how you want.


I started with Insight Timer… later switched to online guided meditations, then moved onto the no frills Meditation Timer.

Lately though, I am trying to maintain Mindfulness throughout the day. For this, I find Blip Blip really useful.


I use Meditation Assistant. It has three modes: finish after given amount of time, finish at certain time, unlimited session. It has some basic statistics and you can also share your sessions with the community (if you need that :wink: ).

But most importantly it’s open source. Available from F-Droid:
or Google Play store, and probably other stores / platforms too.

EDIT: you can also make it ring a bell every x minutes during your session… if you need a regular wake-up :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know there was an app for that, what a good idea! Just downloaded.

This feature is fantastic for group sits that are on a schedule. Downloaded this one, too.

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I’ve been experimenting with this idea for a couple of months (different software, same concept). Currently 14 randomly occuring ‘pings’ spread over my waking hours. It turns out I’m nowhere near as focused as what I thought!


I use Bodhi Timer on Android. It’s only got a few options (perfect for me😉) and it doesn’t keep the screen on after it’s finished. Or at least, not on my device.

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Same here. If I can actively catch 25%, it’s a great day! My personal best has been about 80%… but the kind of laid- back- yet- mindful mindset needed is hard to achieve. :joy: An eye opening exercise into the nature of Awareness for sure.

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I find insight timer especially helpful because of its ability to create subtle interval times. For example, if I want to meditate for an hour and for the first fifteen minutes practice the recollections, I can create a 1 hour meditation timer with a 15 minute interval. Insight timer also give the option to save it as a precept.


Along those lines, are there visual meditation apps that are appropriate? I have heard of something called a color wheel but have no idea what it is. Your suggestions would be useful. Thank you

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No school like old school; I’m going analog